Power failure

  Elrond 16:04 05 Feb 2003

Bearing in mind i never had any problems so far. Today I installed and used Partition Magic to merge a couple of partitions on my PC. Upon reboot, I got a stop error. Windows shut down to prevent damage blah blah. Any way, i used the XP installation disk to repair and all went fine. After that upon reboot i got another error message. Internal power failure. After it did a debug dump thing it rebooted into windows fine. Odd ithought, as my first assumption was that the PSU wasn't supplying enough power even though it's been fine. So i had to re-install my graphics card drivers and restart. Upon restart, another internal power failure. Thrn it did debug dump or whatever it is. Rebooted and I'm back in windows. I find it odd that this suddenly occured when i merged to partitions. Anyway, Is there something wrong with the PSU even though it's been fine till now, and has proceeded to let me into my computer.

  Djohn 16:07 05 Feb 2003

Elrond, which version of P/M have you used, as I believe only the latest one will work with XP.

  Elrond 16:10 05 Feb 2003

version 8. It's worked fine. Just the PC started playing up. I'll prbably shut down again ina mo and see if it happens again

  Elrond 16:38 05 Feb 2003

Just restarted th PC and again there was an internal power failure, same procedure, debug dump and restart and I'm back into windows. ODD no!

  Djohn 16:58 05 Feb 2003

Sorry Elrond, can't help, except to bring you back to the top. J :o(

  Elrond 17:10 05 Feb 2003

Cheers anyways Djohn

  Rtus 17:12 05 Feb 2003

perhaps its refering to power management not being able to find devices its supposed to control ? I dont use XP but would doubt it monitors the actual PSU unit!

  Elrond 18:05 05 Feb 2003


  Elrond 19:24 05 Feb 2003

All sorted. For some reason my PC has taken a disliking to me gamepad which i got the other ay and has been working fine.

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