power failure

  Roy-189016 18:06 19 Oct 2004

Gud Day. i just recieved my new cpu from my brother via abroad. How come everytime I opened my pc this message appears "OUT OF FREQUENZY POWER MANAGEMENT COUNTDOWN", then it will shut off automatically.

Hoping for a quick response.

Thanks in advanced.

roy Liwanag

  Graham ® 19:19 19 Oct 2004

If you have installed the CPU, then one reason would be incompatibility with the motherboard.

  canard 20:24 19 Oct 2004

Does the voltage and frequency of new CPU match the Brit standard voltage and frequency?

  georgemac 20:38 19 Oct 2004

what type of cpu and what motherboard, and what type of cpu have you replaced.

do not worry about frequency and voltage - an atx motherboard is an atx motherboard anywhere in the world, with the voltages supplied by the psu to the motherboard.

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