Power DVD player Version 5

  lester1 23:08 27 Jun 2005

I had to reinstall this program after getting a message about a kernel error and to reinstall the latest version.

After installation the player will only play sound from the left speakers.

Running XP home SP2

  Stuartli 09:16 28 Jun 2005

The obvious first question is: Have you checked your speaker connections and configuration?

If you go to the cyberlink.com website you'll also find a patch for PowerDVD5, but whether this covers sound problems I'm not sure as it's some time since I downloaded it.

  lester1 22:09 28 Jun 2005


Speakers work perfectly with media player 10 I saw the patch you refer to but I don't think it is for a sound problem.

  User-312386 22:12 28 Jun 2005

Did you uninstall first, re-start the computer and then re-install?

If not do so

  lester1 22:15 28 Jun 2005

I uinstalled crap cleaned and then reinstalled, no restart thou

  lester1 22:37 28 Jun 2005

Cheers madoy

Restart after uninstall worked at least for MP3 playback

  User-312386 22:39 28 Jun 2005

Glad it worked

  Stuartli 10:58 29 Jun 2005

It's worth installing the patch in any case...:-)

  lester1 22:57 29 Jun 2005


Thats true will download now Thanks

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