power dvd help needed

  charlton200 17:51 02 Apr 2004

Hi there,
I have power dvd xp and i would like to know if it will play a ntsc dvd from America .I have read the help files and i am even more confused.
I can only get this dvd from America, so if it will not work on my computer i might as well save my money.
I hope you can explain this in English to a slow learner.

many thanks in advance for your help.

  Brian-336451 17:57 02 Apr 2004

Your DVD will play provided you have some out of area options left (I think you get 4 goes before your player locks up on one region).

However, if you look up Slysoft.com and download AnyDVD, you can indefinitely play DVDs from regions around the world.

I travel from Europe to the Far East using the prog and my player still has 4 goes left (ie the system has been stopped). The program is totally transparent and has a minimal footprint.

And it was a fair question. This software will allow you to purchase DVDs from anywhere without worrying about regional issues. Most of our living room DVD players these days are multi-regional, why should our computer DVD players be any different?

You maybe can if you can change your region go into device manager click on your dvd device a menu should appear and you can change your region Beware you may have only a limited amount of changes before it stays on only one a fix/patch may be available for the model of your dvd player

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 18:11 02 Apr 2004

The NTSC bit is not really a problem its the region settings that would stop it playing as Not THAT Brian May says if you have a no region DVD then u can play any DVD from any country but standerd DVD drives only let u change this setting 4 times before it locks to the last one selected so if that was german then u cant play DVDs from uk anymore unless you unlock the player.The NTSC is just the frequency range of the TV/monitor that it is going to be played on
PAL usually
has Two boarders top and bottom of the pic where as NTSC shows all the picture without the Boarders at a different refresh rate ,so to speak.


  charlton200 19:46 02 Apr 2004

so what i am reading here is that the the american ntsc dvd will play on my power dvd software than it will lock to the american settin

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 19:51 02 Apr 2004

NO it will play if the DVD is region free if not it wont ,you can change to the USA region and play it and then change back but thats 2 changes gone to wach 1 DVD.


  charlton200 19:53 02 Apr 2004

thanks for help


  SEASHANTY 20:20 02 Apr 2004

Did someone not post on this forum that the PACIFIC
DVD Player available from branches of ASDA at a price of £40 are multi region and will play any region DVD? In which case - why bother with using the PC DVD player.

  Brian-336451 07:04 03 Apr 2004

Strikes me you're going round in circles here.

NTSC is a red herring, that doesn't matter. What matters is the region setting.

Why not just go to Slysoft.com and READ what the software does because it explains what it does - in the layman's terms you want.

You can try the prog for 3 weeks free, then you pay if you want to keep it. With the dollar rate the way it is at the moment it is really good value.

But as in all things - it's up to you.

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