Power DVD

  jerryj 17:14 23 Sep 2005

I am trying to watch a DVD film (not a copy), but I get an error saying

The tv out port of your display card is not working properly
This copy protected disc can not be played when the tv out funtion is enabled.

It works with windows media player

I am using Geforce FX5200 card

  GaT7 01:28 24 Sep 2005

click here - there are varying solutions - read all the 3 pages. Good luck, G

  Stuartli 09:26 24 Sep 2005

I had the same problem with my mate's business system a year or two back (he uses DVDs for viewing new products and also for parts and service listings).

He had PowerDVD3 (or it might have been version four) installed and it worked as it should with a Creative Banshee VideoBlaster graphics card.

To bring him up to date, I installed PowerDVD5 and began to get exactly the same TV Port Out error message and an inability to play DVDs; it was something that didn't go down too well at the time...:-)

However, after hours of Googling etc I eventually managed to track down a couple of websites that had a suitable driver for the graphics card.

The website I used was an educational establishment in Mexico but the downloaded driver worked...

  raeman 11:13 24 Sep 2005

Had the same problem with power DVD after upgrading to XP SP2, as with Stuartli i updated the graphics drivers ,got the latest ones from NVidia's website and that cured the problem.

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