Power consumption in standby mode?

  meniscus 14:53 16 Nov 2005

Ive got a barebones shuttle pc(running XP)and im monitoring its power consumption with a power line meter while in standby mode(69watts). It seems awfully high when i compare it to a similarly spec-ed dell. Can anyone tell me why? ACPI is enabled in the Bios setup screen an the bios version is 2004.

Thanks in advance

  TOPCAT® 16:03 16 Nov 2005

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"Earlier this year Shuttle Computer, the world’s most-successful maker of PC barebones, unveiled plans to incorporate 250W and 350W PSUs into forthcoming products, indicating that more advanced power supplies are required industry-wide."

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  woodchip 16:14 16 Nov 2005

try it with monitor turned off

  meniscus 16:31 16 Nov 2005

That makes no difference, the Power line meter is only monitoring the XPc itself! I dont think its a cooling problem because ive also tried monitoring the power consumption with the external case off and a couple of external fans on keepin it cool... Im just after installing XP and all the appropiate drivers. Am i missing something?

  Belatucadrus 16:33 16 Nov 2005

click here is worth reading and it should also be worthwhile going into the BIOS to the Power Management Setup menu and changing the ACPI Suspend Type option from S1 to S3. read the article for an explanation as to how and why it works.

  meniscus 16:36 16 Nov 2005

Sorry i forgot to add that im using a silentx 250W PSU and as far as i can gather from the specs, I should be using a 300W one! Could that be the reason? Should it matter though in standby mode?

  woodchip 16:42 16 Nov 2005

size of PSU does not make much difference. it only draws what power it needs. No matter what size the PSU is

  meniscus 17:10 16 Nov 2005

Yes, setting S3 did reduce the power consumption considerably. It almost drove it into a hibernation state with the system drawing only 3W. Does anyone know if when in this (S3)standby state, a pc can be accessed or woken up by another client on a network?

  Belatucadrus 20:11 16 Nov 2005

I'd asume it could be set to wake on LAN, have another browse through the Power management BIOS to see if anything else needs adjusting. Probably worth reading the MOBO manual first.

  meniscus 11:34 17 Nov 2005

Yes theres is a setting in the bios for it!thanks for all ur help lads

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