Power Cables

  Dekka123 23:46 30 Jul 2009

I gave my daughter my PC but in transit we lost the Monitor and PC power cables. Could anyone tell me where I can buy new ones and if they have to have the ac adaptors. I cant remember if it was just a direct cable into the power point. The monitor is a Belinea. I have searched the internet and gone on their website but no mention of mains cables. Can anyone please help me.

  GaT7 00:15 31 Jul 2009

The PC power cable should be a standard one, unless it's an uncommon mini-type one that requires an external adaptor.

What Belinea model is it? If you can get hold of the user guide/manual - perhaps download the PDF version even - you should be able to find this info. G

  lotvic 00:49 31 Jul 2009

Is the monitor CRT or LCD?
It should have a sticker on the back to tell you what specs it is.

My Belinea (a big bulky CRT) has just an ordinary 'kettle' lead with a 5amp fuse and plugs into mains electric.
In fact some of my pc and monitor leads are just that - leads from old kettles but I changed the fuse to 5amp they look like click here
All my Desktop pc's just have the ordinary 'kettle type' lead plugged into mains.

I do have one monitor that has a box thing on lead, but can't go and check on that as there is someone asleep in that room at the mo' ;-)

  DieSse 00:58 31 Jul 2009

Any computer shop will have an ample supply of mains cables.

  Dekka123 00:59 31 Jul 2009

Crossbow7 thanks very much for your comments. I think the PC lead would be a standard one so probably no adaptor required. I have found the hand book for the monitor it is a Belinea 10 20 35w. Judging by an illustration there appears to be no adaptor but it is very hard to tell. Do you think it is pheasable that this could be a fact. I have read the manual right through and there is no reference to an adaptor. If I am right where would I get one from?

  Dekka123 01:31 31 Jul 2009

lotvic my Belinea is an LCD 10 20 35W but I think you have answered the question on the moniter because I thought it was just a plain cable with a kettle connection but I wasnt sure about the adaptor. I thought they all had to have them Thanks everone for your support. I will mark this as solved and get a couple of cables tommorrow.

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