Power Cable query from PSU to Asus P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3 Motherboard

  Bucko1 17:38 10 Mar 2012

I have an Antec TP-650 power supply which has 1 x 8pin EPS12V connector and 1 x 4 pin ATX12V connector. My Motherboard is an Asus P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3 which has an 8 pin EATX12V socket. I am unsure of which of these cables to use. Should I use the 8 pin EPS12V cable which I'm not sure is compatable with EATX12v or just the 4 pin ATX12V cable in the first 4 pins on the connector. If I do this will I still get enough power through or should I have bought a PSU that had an 8 pin ATX connector?

The MB Manual says "Don't forget to connect the 4pin/8pin EATX12V power plug, otherwise the system will not boot" so reading this it would seem ok to just use the 4pin connector in the 8pin socket. I Just want to make sure in case I do some damage. Thanks

  robin_x 18:35 10 Mar 2012

Dunno. I would guess the 4 pins one. Is it obvious which 4 pins correlate on the 8 pin connector?

Of course, guessing is easy when it's not my MB.

Does Wiki help?

  markd71 18:45 10 Mar 2012

The 8 pin connectors go together and the 4 pin is for the fans, should be another 4 pin socket on the board

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:53 10 Mar 2012

Read an article the other day (wish I could re find it) that said the 8 pins where just a double of the 4 pin to split the current.

So just use the 4 pin and it will work.

  Bucko1 23:29 10 Mar 2012

Yeah thanks Fruitbat, I'm probably going to use just the four pin but I just wondered if anyone on the forum knew for certain.

The four pin plugs for the fans are tiny and not the same as this four pin Markd71, but thanks for trying to help.

  KRONOS the First 05:38 11 Mar 2012

What make and model is your PSU by the way?

ATX12V and EPS12V is only one pin off. But that pin is a D instead of a square, so it'll fit (D's can fit in square holes.)

If you look at the wiring, you'll see they're the same (four +12V and four ground.) If you only connect the one 4 pin connector then your motherboard will only get half the power supply it needs. Have a look at this and scroll down to the relevant paragraph. PSU connections.

If there was a "risk" of frying anything, they would have made the connections not interchangable. So you can use the 8 pin.I have the same board and am using an OCZ Fatality 500W PSU which comes with 8 and 4 pin and 2x 4 pin ATX connectors but untill I get up and have a look inside my desktop I cannot be sure if I used the twin 4 pin or the single 8 pin, I'll post back later.

  Bucko1 17:53 11 Mar 2012

Thanks for trying to help Chronus. My PSU is an Antec True Power TP-650. It says on the box that its an ATX12v V2.3. I was also wondering about the Motherboard only getting half the power with the four pin and I wasn't sure if EPS12V was also compatible & meant to be used. The Motherboard manual is not really very clear. Although it does say "Don't forget to plug in your 4pin/8pin EATX cable, so maybe they have made allowances for this. I also wonder if Antec would state ATX 12v on the box if it was only offering half the power. Maybe the EATX standard means it can also use EPS12v? I need to be certain. Anyway, thanks

  Bucko1 09:27 13 Mar 2012

I've been in contact with Antec directly and they say to use the 8pin EPS12v which will be compatible with the 8pin EATX Socket. Hope this helps anyone else who may have the same query.

  KRONOS the First 10:10 13 Mar 2012

Which is pretty much what I said. But glad you got it sorted as your board would have been under powered if you had just installed the 4 pin plug as suggested. Some boards will run quite happily with only the 4 pin even though there is an 8 pin socket but these usually come with a cap covering 4 of the pins.

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