Power Button cuts power, not shut down windows.

  csansbury 17:50 18 Jun 2003

As part of my ongoing attempt to fix the niggly problems on my PC:

When I had Windows 98, pressing the Power Button on my PC case shut down windows gracefully, and turned the power off. I seem to remember settings which could change this to a hibernate mode, but I never used this option.

I am now on XP Pro, and the Power Button just seems to cut the power, without shutting down Windows. When I boot-up again, I get a warning that I did not shut down Windows properly.

This is not a problem if I shut down the PC from within Windows, and this is what I have been doing for the last few months. However, I'd still like the Power Button to shut down windows and turn the power off, like before.

Can anybody help?

  The Spires 17:53 18 Jun 2003

Have a look in Control Panel/Power Options/Advanced.

  csansbury 17:57 18 Jun 2003

That is set to Shut Down,and I think always has beenn

  DieSse 17:58 18 Jun 2003

The only options you will get with a Power button are those available in the BIOS. Have a look to see what your motherboard can be set to.

This is not a difference between Win98 and XP, they are both simliar in the area of powering down options.

There may be some custom built manufacturers cases (Compaq spring to mind) where the power button is not really a power button, and is set up to do something else.

  Rayuk 18:59 18 Jun 2003

Have just checked settings on my PC and as yours in Power settings it is on Shutdown so tried it and it shut down as it should.
Try changing from 1 option then back to Shutdown see if that does anything.

  csansbury 19:30 18 Jun 2003

Tried all the different options, and back to Power Down. They are all just ignored, and the PC just turns off as before.

Could it be something in the registry?

  DieSse 22:26 18 Jun 2003

Hmmm - It appears I made a duff suggestion earlier - in my WinXP Pro - having the power options set to Shut down, it always shuts down correctly, irrespective of how i have the power button set in the BIOS.

The only thing I couldn't try - disabling ACPI in the BIOS made the system hang on start-up - so I don't oknw what effect this should have.

Will investigate further.

  DieSse 22:35 18 Jun 2003

ACPI is the thing that controls how the power states of the system are handled, so I suuggest that you look at the ACPI settings in the BIOS and try changing them.

WinXP made major changes in the interaction between it's own ACPI handling software, and the BIOS - which in some cses needs a BIOS update to fix certain problems that may occur.

Have a look and see if there are any BIOS updates for your motherboard that refer to such problems.

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