Power Adaptor - Is DC negative polarity

  CLONNEN 16:10 04 Dec 2007

Want to connect one of my peripherals to a power supply instead of using batteries. The power socket says 6V DC on the side of the peripheral.

I have a power adaptor which I have set to the 6V setting but the other switch needs to be either positive (+) or negative (-) and I cannot remember if DC is + or -.

Can anyone help me?

  Diemmess 16:49 04 Dec 2007

Assume your second switch governs which lead from the power supply is +, and which is -ve.

Mighty important to get it right!
With the risk of getting it wrong or accidentally moving that switch.... I would question the wisdom of using that power supply at all!

Play it safe and use the purpose built power supply. Some are much more accurate than others, but you haven't said what is being powered up, and that may dictate what you can/cannot do.

  T0SH 16:52 04 Dec 2007

It is always safest to buy the recomended external DC power supply from the maker of the maker of your peripheral device to ensure compatibility

Cheers HC

  User-219333 16:53 04 Dec 2007

Does the peripheral not have a polarity sign by the socket?

  User-219333 16:53 04 Dec 2007

Does the peripheral not have a polarity sign by the socket?

  Diemmess 16:57 04 Dec 2007

I.... think .... the central lead should be positive and the outer part of a cylindrical plug negative.

To connect wrongly could destroy the gizmo.

  GEEKSTA 16:57 04 Dec 2007

by the way
mains power is AC - alternating current.
and DC is direct current.

  CLONNEN 16:59 04 Dec 2007

The power adaptor which came with it has too short a lead to reach from the mains to the peripheral (electronic music keyboard)

The label on the supplied power plug states

Input 100-240VAC
Output 6.0VDC 500mA

No mention of a positive or a minus sign on it or on the peripheral (just says 6V DC).

I've got a vague feeling that

Positive = AC (A for add and A for AC?)
Negative = DC

Or am I remembering it wrong?

Nothing came with my universal power supply (no booklet explaining the plus and minus symbols on it)

I want to connect the Keyboard via the MIDI port to the PC but first I have to be able to get power to it.

  CLONNEN 17:09 04 Dec 2007

I have used the universal power adaptor before with a music cassette walkman which had 3V DC on it and I think I used the Negative setting for that but it was quite a long time ago. And I cannot remember which website told me to set it to Negative.

I have tried Googling but not getting anything with an answer.

  100andthirty 17:19 04 Dec 2007

the connector has a metal outside and a hole in which there's more metal. one in + the other is -. There's usually a little picture of a hole with a ring round it with the + or - marked

  wjrt 17:20 04 Dec 2007

click here
or similar

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