Potential Security Flaw after scan disk

  Ankermi31 18:21 21 Aug 2006

Window XP Outlook Express 6

Have just run Disc Clean up and opened View Files for Temporary Internet Files (have jut 4 folders plus the Data Folder) If I click on any of the 4 folders I get the following message.

This file has an unidentified potential security flaw/ Do you wish to continue?

I deleted the four files to my recycle bin where they still are. Knowing I had a lot of Adobe downloads I have updated Adobe Reader. However having just run scan disk again the four files have been re-created with the same message.

What should I do please. Simple language please guys.

Oh yes have run Anti Virus plus my spy wear progs all coming up "clean" plus registry mechanic.

  skidzy 19:59 21 Aug 2006

Once deleted to the recycle bin...Empty the recycle bin.Then go to System restore and turn it off,reboot and turn system restore back on.

Now see if these files still exist.

Make sure you delete everything you want to delete from OE then empty the recycle bin.
It may be possible you have a Worm/virus/Malware/Spyware connected to a file somewhere on your system.

Have you run Spybot/Ewido/Adaware click here

Hope this helps.

  Ankermi31 09:18 22 Aug 2006

Morning Skidzy
Not to certain what you mean. If I turn off System Restore as you suggest does that not mean it will delete all previous restore points and I will be marooned with no way of doing a restore? Have run Spybott nd Adaware several times and comes through "no problems"

  skidzy 13:55 22 Aug 2006

If you seem to think this could possibly be a virus or Malware,turning off system restore may help.

Are you emptying the recycle bin,if not and is a worm/Trojan etc...this could be reinventing itself from there.

Have you run Ewido click here its free and extremely good.It will find things others do not.

Can you name these files,this would give us something to go on ?

Yes you are correct that you will lose any restore points if you turn off system restore,sometimes this seems to be the quickest and simplyest way.

If you are still not sure whats going on with these files,try running your AV in safe mode Tapping f8 on startup will get you into safe mode.

Just one more thing,are you sure you are not just deleting the shortcuts to these files.

  Ankermi31 15:41 22 Aug 2006

hi Skidzy
Will leave system restore alone at the mo not too sure how that works!

OK the file IDs are SA26FS36. 7801BLVS HRAKC4WF nd OPKLYHLP

All four have that same message all had contents in them which I have deleted but left the files til I hear back from you. They only reinvent so they may as well stay put just now.

Will now try Ewido.

As for F8 and Safe Mode. Can I get out of that easily? Sorry I am just a maiden (OAP at that) doing my best!

  Ankermi31 16:01 22 Aug 2006

Hi Skidy

Ran Eqido and it has come through clean nothing whatsoever showing. Howzat!

  skidzy 17:56 22 Aug 2006

Ankermi...You may well be receiving these notifications due to an unsigned file/download.

Basically the files in question have not been certified by Microsoft,and probably have no authencity certificate.So therefore windows would like to make you aware if you trust the source they came from,Hence the warning you get

"This file has an unidentified potential security flaw/ Do you wish to continue? "

If in any doubt over any files before opening them,scan the file first with your AV (updated of course).

I can not find any info to your files whats so ever.

Hope this helps.

  brundle 18:06 22 Aug 2006

a bug in a microsoft patch according to this; click here

  Ankermi31 09:38 23 Aug 2006

Hi Skidzy
Many many thanks. There were a couple of downloads a few days ago for my AV and from Microsoft. I will just run scan disk in the normal way and tell it to clear the files without opening the folders. Am already running the AV before trying to open but thanks for the reminder. I am grateful for the advice.

Hi Brundle. Have read your link. Nice to know I am not alone. Will try a system restore and see if it clears it.

Many thanks again

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