Potential Issue with phoneline/router/filters

  rastaman25 21:54 05 Mar 2011

Hi all,

this is the second time I've posted here about ADSL issues, so hopefully I'll be able to give you all the necessary info first time around!


1) Router is not syncing at correct speeds (I know the line is capable of ~13mb, but normally settles down to around 4 - previously was 6-7mb).

2) Whenever I use the phone, I can hear the router in the background until I unplug it - almost like how the old 56k modems used to sound. If I unplug the router, the line is crystal clear.

3) Router drops the connection fairly often until it settles to around 4mb.

4) ISP has said I have upstream noise issues - can't remember exactly what they said but this could help?

Current Setup:

The BT wire comes into the house, and I have just replaced the junction box with a brand new one, and new cat5e cable to the NTE5. (roughly 2-3metres). (the issue was occuring before I performed any alterations).

I have then bought and installed an ADSL faceplate, which is where both the router and phone are connected.

The original NTE5 has NOT been replaced - considering doing so at the moment.

Note - there are currently no extensions attached - so no bellwire intereference!

Router Stats:

Router = Netgear DG834G

Connection Speed Downstream : 4746kbps
Connection Speed Upstream : 671
Line Attenuation Downstream: 24.db
Line Attenuation Upstream 10.5db
Noise Margin Downstream: 9.20db
Noise Margin Upstream: 9.5db

I hope some of you can shed light on what I've said, i've done some reading around and have seen some talk of high resistance joints in the line - could this apply?

Thanks all, Rastaman25

  rastaman25 21:56 05 Mar 2011

I should note here that I have tried the phone with 2 other microfilters and can still hear the ADSL signal in the background until it is unplugged.

It is crystal clear when unplugged!

  rdave13 22:24 05 Mar 2011

Sounds like a wiring fault somewhere.

  STREETWORK 22:31 05 Mar 2011

It is well worth asking Bt to carry out a line check. you can request this on-line from BT. if there is a line fault they will inform you.

When does the line drop the connection, is it about the same time each day?...

  rastaman25 22:53 05 Mar 2011

The line drops at random points, there is no set time as to when it drops.

The online line test can only be requested if I'm not using the connection - how can I do this?!?!

  rdave13 23:25 05 Mar 2011

With respect and trepidation not to insult you, have you been doing a bit of DIY on your own telephony wiring including the 'junction box', that BT own, in your house?
Re-reading your thread starter it looks so.
Try to start from the junction box situation and follow through to make sure that ALL connections are correct. If I'm way off the mark then I appologise.
It's obvious that the telephone and internet line are interfearing with each other due to a wiring fault hence online test cannot take place as connection is constantly running through leakage between dsl and telephone.
Again I might be wrong but worth a look at the wiring.

  rastaman25 11:33 06 Mar 2011

Rdave 13

Yep, you got me right, I have been doing DIY, no insult taken. Don't get me wrong, it's not the first time I've done this, so I do know what I'm doing.

I shall recheck all connections, I've got a new IDC punchdown tool arriving on Mon, (the old one was knackered) so I'll double check all connections then.

The internet test cannot take place as you need to be disconnected and authorise it from another internet line - it cannot take place whilst the phone/router are plugged in.

Thanks again:)

  rastaman25 16:15 08 Mar 2011


Just rang the ISP, and have been told that the upload errors has decreased dramatically since installing the new ADSL Faceplate.

However, download still has lots of errors - and apparently resetting the line profile (which I rang to request) would not help in this case - as the line still has errors.

Any idea on what could be causing this? I have checked all connections and they are all solid and good contact.


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