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  mec13 22:50 17 Jul 2005

I know this sounds silly, but it is the ‘Absolute Beginners’ section isn’t it.

When I first log on, the ‘Registered User Area’ appears, and a clickable link says ‘View your postings’

At the bottom of my long list it says ‘(Questions Answered) you can still post to this thread’

So!..... What is a ‘posting’, and what is a ‘thread’, because when I have ‘posted’ a letter, does that mean then the ‘reply’s to my ‘posting’ is the ‘thread’, and if I reply to that ‘thread’ or ‘posting’ does that also becomes a new ‘posting’ or ‘thread’. I get confused sometimes what to call these ‘postings’ or ‘threads’ sometimes. Does one reply to a ‘thread’, with another ‘thread’, or has one of those ‘threads’ become a new ‘posting’

Have I confused you?, well I ask you, what’s wrong with ordinary ‘Questions, and answers’ or would that be to simple!

Err careful! I am a 6ft, 17st rugby player.

  Forum Editor 23:25 17 Jul 2005

but as in all things there are conventions.

A thread is something that you start when you have a question to ask, or a piece of relevant news you want to share with everyone. It's called a thread because all the subsequent contributions are expected to follow the same thread of information - be 'on topic' if you like.

A post is a contribution you make to a thread - not necessarily your own thread.

So, you post a thread, and you post a post to a thread. Is that clear?

You be careful too, I'm a 6' 1", 16 stone Welsh computer consultant.

  stalion 23:31 17 Jul 2005

both of you be careful i'm a ten foot tall jolly green giant

  lotvic 23:44 17 Jul 2005

i'm little and i'm posting a little post on this little thread

  mec13 00:53 18 Jul 2005

So that means then where it says at the top of this page 'View your postings', what you mean realy is 'Have a look at your threads'. Hummm, us big fella's must stick together, I don't wont to stand out in a crowd, looking confused.

  Simsy 07:02 18 Jul 2005

means you can view all the threads where you have "posted", (i.e. made a contibution).

It gives you a list of threads to which you have made postings. You can read all the postings in all of these threads, not just your own posts.

I hope this helps... with apologies if it doesn't!!



  watchful 08:10 18 Jul 2005

A 'thread' is just a topic or question asked by someone and a 'post' is a reply to that topic or question.

  Danoh 08:46 18 Jul 2005

You post a reply to the Q, and you also post the Question or thread in the 1st place.

  Danoh 09:51 18 Jul 2005

So by "Viewing Your Postings", you see both Q's/Threads you have posted, as well as any replies you have posted to other people's Q's/Threads.

  mec13 17:35 18 Jul 2005

Well errr!..... I think its sinking in, life is so complicated sometimes, thanks anyway.

  Forum Editor 18:25 18 Jul 2005

One day it will make as much sense as some of the Rugby Union rules.

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