Postal Addy from IP Addy

  Paroxetine 16:16 04 Jan 2004

Ok, laugh all you like - i did at first - at the title, though I was asked how easy it wold be to have ur Messneger used to find your IP address and from that ur postal address. Oh and if you can do it in two minutes as well.

Firstly I would of said that this can not be done... then maybe it could if there were documents on a pc which had the information on.

Anything I might of missed of am I right in saying this is neigh on near impossilbe and just fantasy?

Thanks ...


  spikeychris 16:22 04 Jan 2004

You can grab someones IP address if they mail you but thats it. Your ISP holds all the info which some agencies have acess to.

So the answer is a big fat NO.

  Paroxetine 16:23 04 Jan 2004

yeap, thats what i thought... unless they could hack the ISP servers... which is quite difficult i imagine... anyway... thanks for the quick ansa...

  Forum Editor 16:24 04 Jan 2004

because they run IP loggers that record the IP address you are allocated each time you connect. This information can obviously be linked to your name, address and credit card information to provide them with the information that may be required by the police, or other authorised agencies in certain circumstances.

The information is highly confidential, and the ISP will not release it to anyone without the proper authorisation.

We also log your IP address each time you enter the forum,and we record the timeds and dates of your logins, but of course we would not divulge that information either - unless required to do so by law.

Otherwise it isn't possible for anyone to get the information simply by knowing an IP address. Unless you are on a fixed IP (never a good idea for a home user) you'll be allocated a different one for each Internet session by your ISP, so your IP address will change all the time.

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