Post SP2 Installations: What you say?

  powerless 22:19 16 Aug 2004

So You've just installed SP2, how are you finding it?

What have you found that is new, improved, [in case i missed anything]?

I am finding it...well great nothing really much to it.

Everything appears to be OK, everything works, still works.

NEW: Boot Screen: Blue Scroller HOME edition has vanished.

QUICKER: XP seems to boot faster.

NEW: IE has popup blocker, Add-on manager.

NEW: Security Centre: I was going to disable this but i think i'll keep it.


IMPROVED: Windows Firewall, kept it going actually seems to be OK.

WIRELESS: ALL Improved and I like it very much :-)


  Chegs ® 22:25 16 Aug 2004

click here

I received the LangaList Newsletter earlier,Freds advice was to wait(approx 30 days minimum)the SP-2 update will likely still have several "issues" on folks PC's,and M$ will "iron" these out ASAP.

  VoG II 22:28 16 Aug 2004

Actually little difference but:

. blocking pop-ups has got to be a good thing. Of course the Google toolbar is now redundant. Not that I use it.

. blue blocks on the loading screen. Mr Gates, you have made me Sooo happy.

BTW this resets the attachment blocking "feature" in Outlook Express to "on".

  User-312386 22:42 16 Aug 2004

Love the new firewall

M$ has come up with a good idea here, no gobldigook, either you can block something or unblock

Great idea

  Jarvo 22:58 16 Aug 2004

Boot up slow at first but a good defrag sorted that. love the script blocker in IE. security centre is very good but as I keep my AV and firewall bang up to date it is of a little irrelevance to me. I turned off auto install of windows updates as there is nothing more annoying than having an install start when you are half way through doing something. OE has stopped connecting to its mail server on my wifes limited user account but ill have a look at that on my day off.


  the Rascal 06:36 17 Aug 2004

Hers's what i done with xp2 but you do need a fast connection though,Works great and if you have to reinstall all the updates are there.
Did have to upgrade my nero burnin software to the latest version though click here

  Rigga 07:58 17 Aug 2004

Tried to install last night. Installed ok, rebooted the machine, would not load back into windows.

Got to the log screen with the blue progress bar, and then the machine restarted itself, over and over ad-infinitum.

No error messages whatsoever!!

Managed to un-install SP2 through safe mode, luckily.

All back to normal now.

Think i'll leave it alone, until more info is available.

Unless anyone has any suggestions?


  VoG II 08:04 17 Aug 2004
  Rigga 08:14 17 Aug 2004

Thanks VoG™,

The first is not applicable, as I have no UMAX scanner.

But the second KB article, is definitely of interest. I don't have the Mpegport.sys driver. but it's interesting that DEP should cause this to happen. I have an Athlon 64 processor. hmmm.. Wonder how I can find out which driver it stalls on?.. start in Debug mode?

I may try to re-install sometime and see if I can find out which driver of program causes the problem.

Again thanks VoG™.


  Andsome 08:23 17 Aug 2004

No problems at all, if anything the computer appears to be a little faster. No problems with Nero either. I downloaded SP2 to a folder and installed it from there. I have since then used Nero 5.5 to make a CD to install onto my daughters dial up laptop.

  ventanas 09:02 17 Aug 2004

Still got a long way to go (31 more machines), but so far all seems ok.

My main concern was the firewall on by default and causing network problems. But this hasn't happened.

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