POST sees hard drive, Windows can't

  wrinklysteve 21:05 24 Oct 2007

I have an IDE hard drive which will no longer boot - I'm told children got at the PC. I have slaved it into a PC - POST recognises that the hard Drive is present but Windows cannot read it. System shows drives as A, C, E and F but D is missing. Is this a damaged partition problem and if so can it be corrected? I'm told that there are irreplaceable photos on the drive!

  Ashrich 21:31 24 Oct 2007

Do you have the jumpers set to " slave " , might make a difference ...and does it show in the bios ? If it does , is it showing the correct parameters ?


  lotvic 21:31 24 Oct 2007

""will no longer boot""

what O/S ? XP, W98se ?

and is file sys FAT32 or NTFS

is it a branded O/S (like Dell or Packard Bell) or is a retail version?

Do you have the CD disc for O/S or do you have a recovery CD ?

  wrinklysteve 21:58 24 Oct 2007

Yes, jumpers set to slave. Bios set to autodetect. POST sees the HD and its size/capacity. Control panel sees two type 47 drives.
When in its PC as master, boot sticks and gives usual non-system disk message so boot sector is clearly duff. I don't know how far to go to recover it and risk not being able to access it at all and saving the valued content.

  Ashrich 23:35 24 Oct 2007

Don't suppose you have a bootable Live Linux disk hanging around do you ? It may be able to read the disk even if Windows can't , you could mount the slaved hard drive and drag the files needing to be saved to a USB stick or onto a CD or DVD .


  UncleP 02:11 25 Oct 2007

This sounds like a problem which features fairly regularly on this forum - for a recent example
click here

To summarize the general advice if you want to recover data files from the disk

(a) treat it with great care - don't write to it, don't try to repair the MBR (or anything else) and run it as little as possible during the recovery process. This is often an unnecessarily stringent attitude, but if your files really are irreplaceable it's better to be safe than sorry!

(b) if the OS identifies the disk origin and size, there will probably be an entry in the list on the Disk Management page. Associated with this are various diagnostic comments which indicate the status of the disk and the nature of the fault. Write these down and post them here to assist members giving advice.

(c) you will probably (but not necessarily) need a data recovery utility to copy off the data files. IMHO the best - but most expensive - are low-level sector-by-sector readers which can copy the data to a working HD. But there is a wide range of similar utilities, some of which are free, to cope with the different levels of damage or corruption on the HD.

  ^wave^ 08:19 25 Oct 2007

i would down load slax live cd and see if that sees it but from what i have read this drive should have partions e,d,f and d is missing looks like the partion table is corrupt. what was used to partion it in the first place.

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