post office email and thunderbird

  fishytroll 13:06 18 Feb 2008

Hi, just signed up with post office and regretting it already! Their email and so called portal are a piggin joke.
Anyone know how to set up thunderbird to receive postoffice email?
Cheers all.

  Gongoozler 16:11 18 Feb 2008

It should be as simple as Tools - Account Settings - Add Account and then enter your username, password and server details. "The email settings are and, [email protected]" (copied from click here)

  audeal 19:36 18 Feb 2008

I have recently applied for a Post Office Broad Band account. I go my MAC number and that expired after 25 days, now I am on my second MAC number and still heard nothing from them so still waiting for the start date. It seems they cant set up a simple Broad Band account in the 10 days they claim. It is now 30 days and is due to go live on wednesday on my second MAC number. If they cant do it this time then I will go elsewhere. How can I trust them to run the account for the next 12 months if they can't even set it up in the ten days as they claim

  fishytroll 20:15 18 Feb 2008

Hi Audeal,
if you intend to cancel make sure you do it asap and not as your service goes live or they will try to charge you for 12 months! Not kidding, I had a right barny with them and they say as my internet is working and email is a free service I would be bound to the contract. Even though I only received the 'welcome pack' today containing the majority of the contract details. It transpires that they are unable to set up email accounts in less than 5 days - can you believe that? Worst decision I ever made.....

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