POST freeze before RAM count

  Mysticnas 23:19 21 Aug 2004

Hi all...

I'm haviung problems with my BIOS i think...

It's getting worse everytime i restart my pc. This is what happens:

I power on, and it goes to POST, displays the CPU speed, freezes for about 5mins then displays the amount of RAM (2gb) and show the rest of the details (hard drives etc...) and takes a little more time to boot into windows.

I already have updated BIOS from around a year ago, but i'm going to reflash it anyway just incase it's gotten infected.

Once it actually gets into windows it seems to run fine; it's only doing boot that the problems occur.

P4 2.4
Gigabyte SinXP1394 Motherboard
2Gb DDR RAM crucial
leaadtek GF4 Ti4600
Audigy 2 plat
Maxtor 40Gb
Maxtor 120Gb
Maxtor 80SATA x2 (raid 0)

Any help grately appreciated!!!


  Benzo 23:22 21 Aug 2004


  Mysticnas 23:25 21 Aug 2004

i don't understand...

oh XP Pro OS by the way.

  Mysticnas 23:28 21 Aug 2004

sorry about the typo's... it's been one of those days.

  johnsims 23:47 21 Aug 2004

Did this problem start to become evident after the installation of your RAID disks? Although the POST seems to grind to a halt before detecting RAM, I would be a bit inclined to re-install the RAID drivers. I'm not entirely convinced that Windows XP supports RAID as well as it should.

  Mysticnas 01:06 22 Aug 2004

yes raid is fine, and has been for over a year now.

I've just flashed the BIOS again, and it seems to be working ok... for now... will update soon.

  Mysticnas 18:51 22 Aug 2004

i think it's working ok now. All i did was re-flash with the same bios.

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