post-defragmenting question

  AJ28 12:39 13 May 2007

I was running the disk defragmenter yesterday and it was taking a long long time... anyway i went to bed and left it on doing over night
unfortunatly i woke up and the laptop had turned itself off
im hoping its turned itself off due to endless hours of inactivity, its a laptop, and i turned off all the settings which turn itself off however, but it may still have, i even left the lid open in order to keep it on.
Anyway i wonder if there is a way of seeing if it did actually finish? or possibly a way to view the report?

  hzhzhzhz 12:42 13 May 2007

analyze, to see any fragmentation left.

  skidzy 12:44 13 May 2007

If your defrag took such a long time,im guessing there are a lot of unwanted temp files etc.
Try running ccleaner first click here then disc cleanup,reboot and run your defrag.

I agree the laptop has gone to sleep due to inactivity.You should be able to change the power settings within control panel.

  AJ28 13:05 13 May 2007

thankyou both of you, i never thought of analysing when it was the obvious answer lol, but anyway it says i "do not need to degrag this volume" which i assume means it finished
i shall try ccleaner at a later date and defrag it again anyway, thanks alot

  sunny staines 13:54 13 May 2007

try useing free trial of diskkeeper defrag i am using it at present, vry fast also defrags in the background.

click on icon at bottom of this page togo to their web and download free trial.

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