POST beeps with new Memory

  DJ-Garry 12:09 14 Jan 2008

Hi guys.

My girlfriend has an E-machine. It's running XP Home 2002, SP2 with onboard sound and graphics. It has an eMachines Imperial Motherboard and has only 256MB of PC2100 system RAM (all according to crucial system scanner). The crucial scan states that the PC can take upto 2 x 1GB sticks of upto PC2700 RAM and that different speeds can be mixed.

Using this info, I ordered a single 1GB stick of PC2700 RAM from ebuyer but when I installed it alongside the 256, I got a longish single beep, followed by three short beeps, then 3 short beeps again, then a single beep. The machine would not POST and nothing was seen on the display.
I removed both old and new RAM and just tried the new RAM on it's own..... same result even trying both RAM slots one at a time with the new stick.
Putting the old 256MB PC2100 stick back in returns the machine to it's normal (S L O W) working state.

Any help as to what could be wrong please?

Many thanks, Garry

  howard64 12:17 14 Jan 2008

contact ebuyer for help but I always buy from crucial who have a freephone number for support and live online support as well. It sounds as though the memory is not compatible with the system.

  DJ-Garry 13:15 14 Jan 2008

Why would this memeory be incompatible????
Does anyone know if this motherboard SHOULD be able to support PC2700 RAM at 1Gb?


  paul€ 13:19 14 Jan 2008

If it's high density ram, that could be why it will not work.

  DJ-Garry 13:23 14 Jan 2008

What the definition of High Density and how is it noted in the RAM spec please?

  paul€ 13:25 14 Jan 2008

Post the code numbers on the ram chips.

  paul€ 13:27 14 Jan 2008
  DJ-Garry 14:05 14 Jan 2008

The only codes on the RAM are on a little sticker as follws:


As I mentioned before, I got it from ebuyer. Here is the link to the item on their site. I can't see that it makes any reference to being high density though.

click here

Cheers, Garry

  DJ-Garry 14:09 14 Jan 2008

Taking a closer look at the actual chips on the stick, it sates as follows:

0750 1GB

There are a total of 16 chips, 8 on each side of the stick.


  paul€ 14:22 14 Jan 2008


Thats high density ram.

You need either 64x or 32x for your machine.

  lotvic 15:02 14 Jan 2008

thank you for your excellent link for explanation of high/low density ram, just what I was looking for :)

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