Possibly Faulty PSU?

  LuckyLemur 16:25 07 Apr 2014

Seems to me, ever since i installed ESO, my computer has been randomly shutting down.. No blue screen of death.. Just turning off then restarting.. Anybody had a similar issue?

i5-3570k 3.4ghz ASRock Z77 Extreme4 Palit Jetstream GTX 770 TeamGroup Xtreem 2x4gb 2666Mhz CIT Corsair 750 Watt psu 120Gb SSD 750Gb HSSD

The CPU, PSU, Mobo an GPU are all brand new.. After monitoring GPU an CPU temps, nothing out of the ordinary, stressing the CPU with Intel Burn Test to try to recreate the Shutdowns, swapping power cables.. I'm still none the wiser, but swaying towards a PSU issue.. Has to be that that's faulty.. Or perhaps a GPU power draw issue...I

If anybody could shed light on the issue! Please help!

  Bris 20:38 07 Apr 2014

Im guessing that you mean the game "ESO" and that the problem occurs when running it?

If its OK otherwise this does suggest that the PSU is struggling as you are not getting a BSOD which would indicate the graphics card.

Most modern PSUs have over current protection and will shut down to protect themselves and the PC if an unusually high current is demanded that is outside their limits.

You may be right with your suggestion that the GPU current draw is causing the shutdown.

Dont know whether Corsair PSUs are good or bad but a good 750 watt PSU should cope OK with your setup.

  Ian in Northampton 20:50 07 Apr 2014

MechKB: Corsair PSUs are rubbish? Interesting.

  nickf 21:16 07 Apr 2014

Unless PSU has an intermittent fault , it will easily cope with the demands of your system . Corsair are a good solid brand , I use a 650W Corsair PSU with my OC'd i7 and gtx 680 with no issues . These intermittent faults are a pain to diagnose , checking the voltages while a heavy load is on may show up possible voltage spikes . As another thought , I have had a faulty USB cable do much the same , so is something worth checking .

  martd7 21:25 07 Apr 2014

Ops post says "cit corsair psu" some clarification needed please,CIT or Corsair?

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