Possibly easy solution to Belkin wireless problem?

  Elemc 23:39 29 Dec 2005

Hi all

I'm new here and not that competent as you'll see later.

I have just bought a Belkin Wirelsss G Range extender as I want to have wirless connectivity throughout the house. The problem is that my router is not a wireless G but an older Belkin ADSL Modem with built in Wireless Router (model F5D7630-4A).

My question is - do I have to go and buy the Wireless G router or is there some way I can fool the current set-up into thinking that's what it is for these purposes? I suspect the answer is no but thought I'd check first.

Thanks for any help and Happy New Year to one and all.

  mgmcc 00:00 30 Dec 2005

<<< an older Belkin ADSL Modem with built in Wireless Router (model F5D7630-4A) >>>

That is an 802.11g Wireless Router!

There are the two standards for wireless networking - the older 802.11b, which supports data transfer at 11Mbps, and 802.11g, which supports data transfer at 54Mbps. You router uses the newer 802.1g standard.

  Elemc 12:25 30 Dec 2005

That's a relief!

So now my problem is 'simply' this:

On the instructions for set up of my new extender it tells me to go into the Belkin set up utility and add WLANMAC addresses on 'Wireless Bridge' - I don't have this option on my set up utility.

Again thanks for any further help.

  mamadillo 13:27 30 Dec 2005

on mine the MAC addresses are under the firewall section, I'm thinking this is what I'll need to do with my lappy-bridge! thanks!

  Elemc 17:25 30 Dec 2005


Have tried that twice now - each time resulted in total system failure and my having to reset the router to get any access to the Internet. Anyone have further ideas?

  Elemc 23:35 30 Dec 2005

Following further struggles, including an age to get through to the Belkin suport people, they tell me that these two pieces of equipment are incompatible. All I have to do is buy another extender. Should have saved my time and done that in the first place.

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