Possibly a daft question about using a printer....

  Cybermaxx 20:07 28 Apr 2006

.........but supposing there was a web page that was several screens deep, containing lots of images with text beside each image. Is it possible to somehow isolate a single image and it's text and print it out without printing everything on that page?

For example

click here

How would I isolate and print just one of those items?

  Giggle n' Bits 20:40 28 Apr 2006

If I am thinking what you want then right click the area from a web page and copy the picture from that page into a black document. Usually a page is made up of Blocks like the PCA Banner at the top of the forum page right clicking it gives you the option to Save picture as & at x location.

If I am on the wrong lines then sorry.

  ade.h 21:19 28 Apr 2006

Click and drag. You can highlight text and nearby images. Then print the selection; select Print... from the file menu and check the Selection radio button.

  remind 22:30 28 Apr 2006

Take a screenshot and print that? Prtscrn key and paste into Paint or click here

  BRYNIT 23:43 28 Apr 2006

If you are using IE7 highlight the selection. File/print preview will show you what is to be printed you can then print.

  Cybermaxx 19:34 29 Apr 2006

I normally use Firefox, but I can switch to IE. Right, thanks for the replies. All useful.

  tonyq 20:19 29 Apr 2006

Highlight the text- right click - left click "Copy". Right click to paste into a "Word Document"

Right click on the "Picture"-left click to "Copy". Right click paste into the "Word Document"

Print out the Word Document.

  ade.h 23:05 29 Apr 2006

Cybermaxx - The instructions that I gave apply to Firefox, so you have no need to return to IE.

  DieSse 15:17 30 Apr 2006

I find the simplest way is to use a screen capture program - you can select anything you want from the srceen by drawing a box round it with the cursor - then print or save it.

I use this with WinXP and it never lets me down. click here MWSnap version3

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