Is this possible...Router problem!!!

  peter4076 20:01 20 Aug 2007

My BT hub as only 2 ethernet ports, but I want to run 2 computers (wired) plus my BT Vision box, I have a Buffalo ADSL router and a Thomson 585v6 router ( in the cupboard), is it possible for me just to connect one off them to the BT hub and run my computer and the BT vision off either router, using it really as an extension of the Hub. Your thoughts most appreciated.

  ambra4 13:35 21 Aug 2007

No that will not work what you need is a hub or a switch,

Read what are the differences between an Ethernet hub, switch and a broadband router

click here


click here


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  peter4076 14:41 21 Aug 2007

Cheers for that ambra4, have ordered a 5 port switch from ebay, as I said my BT hub as only 2 Ethernet ports, so if I take a cat5 cable from one those 2 ports,................Where does it go in the switch? I am a total ignaramous at this networking game, so any help is great.

  ambra4 14:53 21 Aug 2007

Yes a short 3ft Cat5 cable if close to BT hub or a normal cable from one of the port on Bt hub to the port mark uplink and plug the PC cat5 cable to any of the other ports

You don't need to setup any thing for the pc to work

  ambra4 15:13 21 Aug 2007

If no uplink port just plug the cable from Bt hub to port 5 and Pc cable to port 1

  peter4076 15:50 21 Aug 2007

ambra4...................You make it sound easy, very much obliged to you. Will tick

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