Possible Virus?

  Elyvate 09:24 28 Oct 2003

I was wondering if anyone has heard of a virus that changes the windows clock usually on reboot of a pc.

  Jester2K II 09:40 28 Oct 2003

Possible flat CMOS battery....

  expertec 09:41 28 Oct 2003

I was just going to say that ;-)

  Elyvate 09:43 28 Oct 2003

This happens to a few computers on a network so I feel it would be a bit of a coincidence that they all have a messed up CMOS battery

  Jester2K II 09:46 28 Oct 2003

Do PCs on a network use one PC (sever) as a time sync PC? Is that one up to date.

more info please! The more info now- the less time wasted with irrelevant postings like mine above...

  Elyvate 09:53 28 Oct 2003

sorry its not actually our network, I'm sure that they dont use one server to sync up their times as one user changed to the right time yesterday morning and it ran ok, then came back today and the time was wrong, plus on some PCs, the time runs fine.
Another possible thing is that they may have some kind of clock updater that they use online and maybe the time zone settings have been changed. (I seem to be clutching at straws I think)
I am currently trawling through the SOPHOS website seeing if there is some kind of virus that can do this but there is so many to go through and their search option isn't particuarly good.

  Jester2K II 13:19 28 Oct 2003

By how much time is the clock out??

  Proxy Worm 13:41 28 Oct 2003

You can easily rule out a virus threat by scanny it through by click here or something other, i doubt it , something wrong with the mani network config.

  Elyvate 13:44 28 Oct 2003

yeah I was thinking that it might not be a virus as SOPHOS is all updated. I will keep searching for the answer and IF I find it I'll post it back up

  Proxy Worm 13:45 28 Oct 2003

Soz you already have SOPHOS :(

  SheffieldSpy 13:47 28 Oct 2003

I think once the computer has started it is up to windows to decide when 60 seconds is up and update the clock. Any process intensive programs may cause Windows to loose count.

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