Possible to turn your PC into a 'normal' phone?

  Mjones68 09:53 24 Mar 2006

Hi, I use Skype for personal calls and my normal phone for business calls. I’m in sales and tend to be on the phone for most of the day. Because I also normally type into my PC when I’m on the phone, I have a headset connected to my PC (for Skype) and a headset connected to my phone for all other calls.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to also use your PC as a normal phone and ideally to dial calls by just clicking on the contact in Outlook and then using the Headset connected to your PC for the call. This would mean that I’d not have to keep changing headsets and keying in the number manually each time. Thanks

  Peter J 10:20 24 Mar 2006

have a look at BT Communicator click here

you can synchronise your outlook to the BT address list, to make calls at a click


  Mjones68 10:27 24 Mar 2006

Hi, I originally asked the question. Thanks for the input Pete, however, I've found with Skype that the quality is not quite up to a normal phone line and I've heard from others, that BT Communicator is still a little lower than a normal phone (strange really when a skype to skype call over the internet is better than a phone to phone call). Because, it's mainly business calls that I make, I'd really like to continue doing this via a normal phone line, hence why I'd like to set my PC up (with one Headset) for Skype internet calls and as a normal phone if this is possible.

  dms05 10:43 24 Mar 2006

You can buy a small box that plugs into your PC via USB and both your Skype and Landline are send/receive from yur landline phone. click here

  dms05 10:47 24 Mar 2006

Sorry meant to say - one oddity is BT. Telephone connections have 4 wires. Everywhere in the world use the inside pair except BT who use the outside pair so you may need a converter from RoW to BT,

  Mjones68 10:54 24 Mar 2006

Thanks dms05. This might be worth looking into, but I'd still rather run everything from my PC. Because a great many of us sit glued infront of our PC's all day, I'm surprised that there doesn't appear to be a readily available product to do this.

I currently do all of the following from my PC:

make skype calls, Chat with MSN, make video calls with MSN, receive faxes with jfax, receive landline calls with Skype in, make the odd landline call with skype out.

Surely the next logical step would be to make and receive all 'normal' phohne calls via my PC.......one communication centre.

  woodchip 11:05 24 Mar 2006

Yes Supervoice does this but only works with Dial-Up so you would also need to fit a PCI modem if you do no have one. Or look click here

  woodchip 11:10 24 Mar 2006
  Danoh 11:52 24 Mar 2006

D-Link DPH-50U (c £ 40) ? click here
Brand new, not in stock most places until April 2006.

My thread which is not directly related click here

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