possible trojan?

  cazkenton2003 20:15 14 Jul 2004

Think I may need some help.Everytime I boot up,I get a Trojan downloader alert and it sayd please runAVG for windows.I do the scan and nothing is found.
My system32 folder finally saw light of day today and I found a few things there that don't sound right.


I have tried going into safe mode but my anti virus won't run....any other ways of running it in safe mode?

All I keep getting is these annoying little DOS boxes popping up all over the place saying program is too big for memory.These flash up intermittently but rough guess,every 10-15 mins.I also have search boxes open up when I am on the net,for silly little words and numbers that I don't want.
Am I safe if I leave it alone?
How can I get rid of it once and for all?

Many thanks for all the help you guys can offer me!

  stalion 20:18 14 Jul 2004

try this click here

  keith-236785 20:32 14 Jul 2004

Trojans and Virus's are different items and need to be dealt with in different ways, AVG is a virus checker and may not pick up on the trojan.
click here and download the 30 day trial of ATS (anti-trojan-shield).

install it and run a full scan of ALL hard drives / partitions.

this is a trial and will not delete anything it finds, but it will report if you have a trojan on your system.

if anyone advises turning off system restore, IGNORE the advice as you may need to restore to a previous point to get rid of this. (presuming you are running XP)

  keith-236785 20:32 14 Jul 2004

click here sorry, forgot to put the link in

  cazkenton2003 22:50 14 Jul 2004

Stalion....I ran the antivirus utility,I had 11 different things,Mostly win32 vivia c,d,i and f and also the apropro e trojan.
It cleared and I rebooted but the files are still there.Even the dos boxes showed up again.
Paperman....I turned off system restore as I thought the files maybe hidden in there.I have configured my control panel to show hidden files.AVG does not pick it up although it picked it up the first time of infection.I know I have a trojan here.
I have been into regedit but I'm not sure what to delete and have also been into safe mode but nothing runs.
Not sure what to do next?

  Androcles 23:01 14 Jul 2004

Try this,download "A2 free" install it on your machine,shut off system restore,Run A2 free,switch system restore back on.
ps. it is free!

  keith-236785 10:40 15 Jul 2004

as already stated, either run ATS (anti-trojan-shield) to find out if you have a trojan on your system.

then we would know what we have to deal with.

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