Possible spyware in my system called

  kindly 16:02 09 Mar 2007

"Harnigigeneric". My antivirus checker keeps telling me that I have this infection. I have cleaned the system when it shows after my scan and it is deleted. I have emptied my cookies and offline content. Cleaned out the system restore. Yet after I start my machine it comes up again. After checking on the net I find it is a low priority infection, but I still want rid of it. It shows in my temp internet files even after cleaning them out. Any ideas please. Thanks to all.

  ICF 16:13 09 Mar 2007

Try cleaning in safemode.
What spyware/virus programs are you using?
Try click here or click here

  ICF 16:16 09 Mar 2007

Google brings up nothing for "Harnigigeneric"

  rawprawn 16:20 09 Mar 2007

click here
also gives real time protection
Excellent little program

  kindly 16:33 10 Mar 2007

My main anti virus protection is provided by "eTrust" and the firewall is "Zone alarm pro".
I have also scanned with "spybot". I will try the free program thats on offer rawprawn. Will let you know what happens. The correct spelling of the thing I have is "Harnig!generic". Sorry I spelt it wrong first time. It is part of the Harnig Family===================Type: Trojan
Category: Win32
Also known as StartPage-BT (McAfee), Win32/Harnig!generic, Trojan.Win32.Harnig.b (Kaspersky), HTML/Harnig.B.Trojan, Win32/Harnig.B.Trojan, Win32.Harnig.BN , Win32/Harnig.G (Eset) =========================.
Cheers everyone.

  ICF 18:46 10 Mar 2007

Trojan hunter free 30 day trial
click here

  p;3 18:53 10 Mar 2007

click here also spybot might find something

what actual protection do you have on there?

  hzhzhzhz 19:13 10 Mar 2007
  kindly 20:55 10 Mar 2007

I think but not totally sure. The first thing I see when I start up the comp, is the antivirus saying i have this bug. Usually in temp interent files. even when emptied its still there. Another one is in a system32 file.
Some programs freeze the computer, downloads become so slow i dont bother trying to carry on with them. I also keep getting a warning that Zone alarm has stopped my computer contacting a web site....address "". After checking it out, I find it is a site not to be visted. So luckilly that way the firewall works.
I have installed "spyware terminator" to see if that works.
cheers everyone.

  Ashrich 22:27 10 Mar 2007

Turn off System Restore before scanning in any mode ( safe or Windows ) as it will still be there in the back up copy of Restore .


  kindly 22:39 10 Mar 2007

This is one thing I have done because of what you say.
The only thing that has done is to get rid of all my restore points. Now i will have start all over again. When i get it sorted that is. I am trying different things and will post back in a few days to let you all know what has happened.
Thanks for all the advice though.

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