Possible Security Breach Help Needed Please.

  Big L 266 23:32 17 Nov 2009


Although my Dell desktop is extremely well protected with up-to-date paid-for and free security software,I am wondering how my security might have been breached as it appears my credit card details have been stolen probably on the 13th November.

My friends have a laptop in which it has come to my attention had no security software in it whatsoever. On a couple of occassions,one of them has brought an external storage device and plugged it into my computer and then proceeded to print off some college documents.Their internet is only via an external dongle through o2.

Is it likely this storage device had something akin to a nasty piece of software implanted in it that has somehow caused itself to load on my own computer? Although I ran a full sweep on Sunday and am now doing another,I have yet to find anything.Is it likely there is something on my own computer that all this security software cannot find?

I need urgent help as I have just had to close my credit card account to stop further fraud. Any help and advice would be highly welcomed.

Thank you.

  birdface 08:58 18 Nov 2009

Maybe give Malwarebytes free a try and see if it finds any problems.
Friday 13th November did you use your card at any time that day.

  birdface 09:21 18 Nov 2009

Or maybe try this one.It is a pay for program but you get a 30 day trial and it will remove anything that it finds.If it asks for payment ignore it and carry on with the scan.

click here

  Sea Urchin 11:18 18 Nov 2009

Presumably your card company contacted you to say that your card appeared to have been compromised - and that they will send you a new card.

When this situation arises it is usually a problem at the supplier's end - IE the company that you have done business with on the net. So there is quite likely to be no problem on your computer. But as buteman says it is of course sensible to check the possibility.

For security and data protection purposes the card company are not allowed to divulge just where the fraud has occurred.

  Big L 266 13:53 18 Nov 2009

Buteman...Thank you for both posts. I ran all my security software last night finishing at 2am but no bugs of any kind anywhere which was truly disappointing. I'm going to run your suggested one in a minute.

Sea Urchin...No,the credit card company didn't contact me.I check both my bank account and credit card statements daily. Two transactions were done in the USA one of which was for a computer game. I rang both USA firms and reported these transactions and got an immediate refund. I then rang the card company and cancelled the card with immediate effect. It was a pain because I had just done big Tesco grocery shop.

I am so angry and annoyed that despite all my security software someone somewhere has managed to get all my details. Thankfully,I hope this will be the last of the problems.

Thank you both nonetheless for your help.It really is appreciated.

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