Possible to remove scrollbar from textarea tag?

  rolmes 19:35 08 Aug 2006

I have used the textarea tag to provide my site with a text box that displays javascripted text when the user moves the cursor over an separate image. This works fine. The only problem that i am unable to resolve is the removal of the scrollbar that comes 'by default' with the textarea tag. I cannot use the textfield tag because this only allows the text to be displayed on one line, and I need it to be displayed in a box. If it is not possible to remove the scrollbar from the textarea tag, I am happy to display the text another way. Unfortunately the site is not live yet, so it isn't possible to see the 'face' of the site. However, the relevant code is below. Thanks in advance.

td height="100%" width="75%" align="center">
img src="HouseOptimisedCroppedResizedRecolouredMapped.gif" name="HouseOptimisedCroppedResizedRecolouredMapped0" width="600" height="374" border="0" usemap="#HouseOptimisedCroppedResizedRecolouredMapped">
map name="HouseOptimisedCroppedResizedRecolouredMapped">

script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
function mousehandler(n){
with (document.house.housetext){
if (n==0) value = "We clean uPVC & PVC guttering and down-pipes, as well as gutter unblocking.";
if (n==1) value = "";
if (n==2) value = "We clean uPVC & PVC fascias, soffits and barge-boards. This is much cheaper than replacing them, but attains the same desired effect.";
if (n==3) value = "";
if (n==4) value = "No matter how much uPVC or PVC cladding you have, we can clean it, and the positive effect on your property will be dramatic!";
if (n==5) value = "";
if (n==6) value = "We clean sky-lights which allows you to once again see the sky through them, whether its the day or night-time. Afterwards, you will also notice how much brighter your house is. This helps to alieviate Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).";
if (n==7) value = "";
if (n==8) value = "Conservatory roofs are a speciality of ours - we can clean the smallest to the largest. Your conservatory will feel brighter and airier once we've cleaned its roof. (We clean conservatory panels also.)";
if (n==9) value = "";
if (n==10) value = "We clean uPVC & PVC window frames, both inside and outside.";
if (n==11) value = "";
if (n==12) value = "We can clean your windows on a regualr basis, both inside and outside.";
if (n==13) value = "";

AREA SHAPE="poly" COORDS="119,60,44,81,45,85,47,89,47,151,51,155,51,83"
ONMOUSEOVER = "mousehandler(0)"
ONMOUSEOUT = "mousehandler(1)">

AREA SHAPE="poly" COORDS="155,134,242,119,329,224,495,144,495,157,328,240,316,234,316,220,235,128,165,139,164,151,154,147,154,139"
ONMOUSEOVER = "mousehandler(2)"
ONMOUSEOUT = "mousehandler(3)">

AREA SHAPE="poly" COORDS="167,141,234,131,304,210"
ONMOUSEOVER = "mousehandler(4)"
ONMOUSEOUT = "mousehandler(5)" >

AREA SHAPE="poly" COORDS="291,138,322,124,374,166,336,184"
ONMOUSEOVER = "mousehandler(6)"
ONMOUSEOUT = "mousehandler(7)">

AREA SHAPE="poly" COORDS="434,104,464,92,482,89,510,92,538,115,533,130,525,140,495,160,495,141"
ONMOUSEOVER = "mousehandler(8)"
ONMOUSEOUT = "mousehandler(9)">

AREA SHAPE="poly" COORDS="162,158,162,198,203,222,203,180"
ONMOUSEOVER = "mousehandler(10)"
ONMOUSEOUT = "mousehandler(11)">

AREA SHAPE="poly" COORDS="253,207,253,249,311,285,311,236"
//i have left this as a reminder that it is possible to use the are to hyperlink HREF = "blank.html"
ONMOUSEOVER = "mousehandler(12)"
ONMOUSEOUT = "mousehandler(13)">

td height="100%" width="25%" align="center">
form name="house">
textarea type="text" name="housetext" rows="15" cols="30" style="background:black;color:cyan;font-size:11;font-family:verdana;border-style:none;"> /textarea>
/td> /tr>

  rolmes 12:27 04 Sep 2006

I managed to find a way to do the above (it didn't take over a month though - been on long holiday!)
If anyone has the same prob, heres one way round it -
Use style sheet positioning, and use the clip element. This 'covers-up' what it is you do not want your viewers to see, in my case the scroll-bar which could not be removed from the textarea tag. The code is put between the style tags int the head element, and must therefore correspond to the relevant tag in the body of the page i.e.

<head><style> textarea {clip:auto; overflow:hidden} </style></head>
<body><textarea type="text"...</textarea></body>

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