Possible problems??

  herc182 18:09 01 Nov 2004

I ran a little program called "startuplist" which basically tells you what you are running and a sort of system diagnostic.

but it came up with this:

Shell & screensaver key from C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM.INI:

Shell=*INI section not found*
SCRNSAVE.EXE=*INI section not found*
drivers=*INI section not found*

Shell & screensaver key from Registry:

SCRNSAVE.EXE=*Registry value not found*
drivers=*Registry value not found*

Policies Shell key:

HKCU\..\Policies: Shell=*Registry key not found*
HKLM\..\Policies: Shell=*Registry value not found*

Enumerating Winsock LSP files:

Protocol #1: imon.dll (file MISSING)
Protocol #2: imon.dll (file MISSING)
Protocol #3: imon.dll (file MISSING)
Protocol #4: imon.dll (file MISSING)
Protocol #5: imon.dll (file MISSING)
Protocol #21: imon.dll (file MISSING)

is this a problem?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:32 01 Nov 2004

Temporary File Cleaners:-
Crap Cleaner click here

Run this click on the isues tab and check or issues, fix all issues and retry your start up prog.

  iambeavis 18:32 01 Nov 2004

Are you using NOD32?

  herc182 18:36 01 Nov 2004

iambeavis - yes i am running Nod32. i put the imon.dll file in google and something came up for Nod 32. any ideas? thanks fruit bat....will download it

  iambeavis 18:40 01 Nov 2004

Read this - click here
If you're worried then get in touch with eset - click here

I've found their help and support to be good.

  herc182 18:42 01 Nov 2004

crap cleaner- is it safe to use (i.e. to fix all items it comes up with?) would a system restore be prudent (and would it restore this stuff?).


  iambeavis 18:46 01 Nov 2004

Crap Cleaner is an excellent programme - it backups everything so you can redo any changes if things go wrong.

  herc182 18:48 01 Nov 2004

thanks iambeavis. that put me at rest.....is that a good forum btw? (clearly not as good as this one!)

  iambeavis 18:54 01 Nov 2004

I only drift in and out of it from time to time. I suppose it would be a good place to go if you had Malware kicking your door in. It seems to have provided the answer you require but, as I said, If your worried then Eset would be a good place to contact.

  herc182 18:57 01 Nov 2004

ok thank you. have just fixed the 649 problems i had on ccleaner! going for the restart...wish me luck....

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