Possible Phising/Fraud scam (HelpMeDownload.com

  capnzilog 16:04 18 May 2009

There is - I believe - a phising type scam/fraud in operation.

Unauthorised credit card payments to a company called 'HelpMeDownload.com'have appeared on my statements.

There is no way I would authorise any company to deduct a monthly payment.
So how they obtained my credit card/name and other details perhaps, I don't know.

Using Google it is clear that this company has, in the UK and USA, been taking unauthorised payments. It is suggested
the first port of call is to the credit card company which is what I have done and cancelled it.

Although a telephone number exists (08082380026) it is clear, when it is rung, that its in a loop with
the usual run around i.e.'Welcome to customer services, you can also contact us on -----' this is repeated over
and over. After ringing for about 15 mins I gave up. Their website says you can only terminate your subscription
by phone.

Several GOOGLE entries show that this company is associated with MP3Helpdesk.com and others.

To see details of this company (HelpMeDownload) refer to website below:-

click here

Has anybody got a better idea on how to cancel other than hanging on the end of the phone for hours perhaps.

  Pineman100 16:14 18 May 2009

So long as you've cancelled the credit card with immediate effect, you should hopefully be OK. But do be sure to keep a very close eye on any other credit card or other online money accounts that you have.

Hard luck - I hope you've seen the end of it.

  helpmedownload 21:31 28 May 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a customer service rep of helpmedownload.com.. I apologize for your negative experience. We will be more than happy to resolve your issue either via web chat below, or email, or calling our toll free number.

US Phone Support 1-800-978-7657
UK Phone Support 0808 238 0026
AU Phone Support 1-800-469-290
Web-chat is now available!
click here

Our Operations is available 24/7.

Thank you for your time.

Helpmedownload Support Team

  lotvic 22:18 28 May 2009

FE notified

  provider 2 22:42 28 May 2009

Listed by Avast as a site associated with the fraudulent sale of Avast products: click here

WOT rating couldn`t be worse: click here

  Forum Editor 22:58 28 May 2009

Rather than apologising for our forum member's 'negative experience', perhaps you would like to address the allegations - made on various other internet sites - that your company is fraudulently offering Avast products for sale?

You might also care to tell us why someone would complain about unauthorised card payments to your company on his card statement.

  spreadbetter 09:35 28 Jan 2010

Looks like this company as being disingenious with their 'service'. I paid for 2 year support for my missus for open office.org which is open source anyhow, costing one off 30 odd quid yet they started taking 9.88 a month from my bank as well. I contacted them and, to be fair, they were quite helpful and said they had cancelled the monthly charge for technical support. I now ask myself what I originally paid for. Open office?. If thats the case, they are charging for an open source product!. I am now keeping an eye on all my accounts.

  lotvic 11:50 29 Jan 2010

You are being ripped off. You don't pay for 'support' for open office.org
I would cancel all payments to them and ignore any threats they may make.
If necessary contact your bank and explain what is happening.

I just tried to go to their website but Avast AV wouldn't open the page, I got a 'Warning Trojan Horse found on this site'

  lotvic 11:58 29 Jan 2010

read of others being ripped off by helpmedownload on complaintsboard.com click here

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