Possible Overheating

  mike1967 10:06 29 Jul 2007


I think my PC is overheating when it is left on, when playing games etc and working hard everything is ok and can hear the fans spinning in over drive.

When it is left to idle I'm getting the BSOD, but no other clues, I think it could be overheating, currently living in Cyprus where the temp is 40 Degrees during the day

Anyone got any ideas?

  greenlamp 10:24 29 Jul 2007

I would think with an ambient temparature of 40 degrees you are pushing the PC cooling to the limit [typically my processor is about 20 degrees above room temperature so I would expect yours to be approaching 60 degrees without high intensity use such as games]. I don't think even [expensive] high efficiency cooling would help things that much. The only real effective solution, I think, would be air conditioning. Apart from that you might be able to limp along by making sure all fans are working well and keeping heat sinks dust free.

if the fans are application controlled, try turning up the idle speeds with speedfan or bios, my graphics card can run cooler while gaming on a hot day, simply because the fan runs 40% faster and the case fans speed up a lot. if it is a temperature problem, and i didnt think it was 'till i read 40C temps! try putting an exhaust fan connected directly to the psu on the highest free slot on the pc.
i had one in a smaller case and because its running flat out it lowered the case temps by about 10 degrees.

  €dstowe 11:24 29 Jul 2007

Removing dust inside a machine can make incredible improvements to lowering the temperatures in a computer and brushing away even quite small amounts from heatsink fins, fan blades etc. will have a noticeable effect.

One thing to avoid is removing panels from the case in the expectation that this will reduce the working temperatures. The machine is (or should be) designed to have an ideal airflow through it to give the maximum cooling efficiency. Removing a part of the case can reduce this enormously.

  mike1967 12:24 29 Jul 2007

I'm going to give it a good clean, going to get some compressed air when the shops open

The thing that is strange though is when its working hard games etc its fine, its just when its sitting there doing nothing I get the BSOD.

  Quiet Life 14:11 29 Jul 2007

You should download Speedfan click here and monitor what is happening re temperatures and fan speeds.
It makes no sense that the machine should overheat at idle. I had a PC that badly overheated but it merely cut out when the safety level was reached with no other indicator.
What does the Event Log show when the machine crashes?
Start>Control Panel>Adminstration Tools>Visualisation Of Events
(Wording may not be identical as I am translating from Portuguese)

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