Possible IRQ advice needed please!

  wyatt earp 22:32 20 Jan 2003
  wyatt earp 22:32 20 Jan 2003

I have had noise & crackle within the audio output of my pc for several months and i have been unable to clear it.
The spec of my computer is below, and the symptoms are: when sound is being output i.e. CD playing in media player, real player or listening to a radio station the noise appears when anything on the monitor changes/moves i.e. mouse being moved or popups appear in the web browser.
I am certain it's a conflict between the graphics card and sound card.
I have tried various combinations of drivers to no avail.
I currently have the latest driver pack from creative (purchased on cd last October) and on the graphics card the latest Microsoft supplied driver although i have tried 40.72 direct from the Nvidea site.
Having read other posts on this site re: noise etc. i believe it could be an IRQ problem but don't know how to deal with it.
Any ideas most welcome.
Computer Specification

M7VKA motherboard (1 agp slot, 2 pci slots)
Award modular V6.00 pg Bios
Athlon 1Ghz
512 MB Ram
Win XP Home Edition (Sp1)
TNT2 64 Graphics (AGP) IRQ 11
Soundblaster 5.1 Live (Pci slot 2 IRQ10)
Netgear FA311 Ethernet Card (Pci slot 1 IRQ11)

  Tog 22:59 20 Jan 2003

This subject seems to get a fair amount of airing but I have never seen a solution that works for me so far. I'm not saying none of these will work for you. If you find a solution please tell me (email or this thread). Suggestions so far have been :-

1. Reroute cables to reduce pickup.
2. Ensure all connections are made properly and to the correct socket(s).
3. Update drivers.
4. Mute unused or unconnected inputs/outputs to the soundcard.
5. Deselect the boost option for the mic input.
6. Badly designed motherboards.
7. Move the soundcard to another slot.
8. I haven't found an 8th...yet

Good luck!

  wyatt earp 23:10 20 Jan 2003

Tog, Double checked the things you have posted, items 4 & 5 were not done but are now.
Still not resolved. I will hope others add to this soon maybe someone has the answer several people need.

Thanks Again

  wyatt earp 17:33 21 Jan 2003

Moving up the list hoping someone tonight has further info!

  powerless 17:41 21 Jan 2003

What about trying different speakers?

  Tog 07:27 22 Jan 2003


  wyatt earp 21:03 02 Feb 2003

Can you believe it - after several weeks trying to get a fix on this, i managed it today.
My computer is made by Fujitsu-Siemens and, after the latest visit to their support site, i have found a 32MB download package for XP which has resolved all my issues.
It's dated 28-01-03 so it has only just been put there.
I am aware that others have had similar probs to me so it may be worth a look if only to see which drivers are being updated to help you source the correct ones for your computer.

click here

Regards Wyatt

  Tog 10:22 03 Feb 2003

Thanks for posting back with the solution. Unfortunately, I don't use XP...

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