Possible graphic card problems, help

  Bigbaz1979 14:41 10 Oct 2006

The system I have is a HP computer with an AMD athlon64 3700+ proccessor, 1GB ram and nvidia geforce 6200 turbocache graphics card.

I have been playing GTR2 and it is a fantastic game but the problem I have on certain tracks the game stutters a bit. I'm told that it is more than likely to be my graphics card as it is a lower end card.

Would that be your opinion and should I be looking to upgrade it to something more powerfull? I don't have a big budget, maybe about £100.

Is it a simple job to replace the current graphics card, or is it best left to an expert?

  woodchip 14:56 10 Oct 2006

why not try lowering the acceleration of the graphics Card. This can be done in the display properties in the control panel.

  Bigbaz1979 16:01 10 Oct 2006

What do you mean slow the acceleration of the graphics card? I can see how to lower the resolution but not much else.

Is my card low end budget and the main cause of the stuttering?

It is 256mb which I would have thought would be more than enough to run game smoothly.

  Technotiger 16:35 10 Oct 2006

Hi, I have a GeForce6600, 256mb - £69 in local pc shop (PCideals), you can find them in Google.
This runs Trainz Rly Sim 2004 so fast it is easy to de-rail even!


  Bigbaz1979 17:52 10 Oct 2006

So tech are you agreeing that the graphics card is the likely problem?

  gudgulf 18:20 10 Oct 2006

Almost certainly is the card.

Try downloading FRAPS click here

When you run it you will see the frames per second you are getting on the screen.

Play the game and see what sort of figures you are getting.

If you are seeing mostly below 30fps then you should try running at lower settings in the game.

if you generally get above 30pps with occasional severe dips when the game stutters then it is possible you are seeing the effects of Turbocaching...Your card does not have 256MB of fast onboard memory....it has 128MB and uses 128MB of RAM on the pc as well to make up the 256MB.This innevitably leads to some swapping around of data between the card and the RAM which can cause the stuttering you are seeing.

Far better to have a card with the full 256MB on the graphics card itself.

A faster card wouldn't go amiss either as the 6200 series is near the bottom of the heap when it comes to video cards.

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