Possible to convert printer to wireless

  bothy 10:28 03 Nov 2010

Got 2 laptops, one wireless running Win7 and one with an adapter running XP, both using same wireless router for internet access. My HP 2210 printer is wired to the newer laptop. Is there any way for the older laptop with adapter to connect to the printer wirelessly...perhaps via the newer laptop or via the wireless router?

  mgmcc 12:14 03 Nov 2010

Yes, a printer attached to one computer can be "shared" over the network just as folders can. Make sure that both computers are in the *same* Workgroup; the default for XP Home Edition is MSHOME, for XP Professional and Windows 7 is WORKGROUP. I personally prefer to use a name of my own.

If you haven't already done so, install the printer in the XP Laptop (including physically connecting it) as though it were to be used with that computer, then re-connect it to the Win7 Laptop.

In Win7, open the "Devices and Printers" folder and click your printer to highlight it. Right click and select "Printer Properties" (not the bottom Properties option) and then the "Sharing" tab. Tick the box for "Share this printer" and give it a Share Name. Also tick the box to "Render print jobs on client computers". Click OK.

In the XP Laptop, go into "My Network Places", make sure the folder tree is displayed in the left pane and expand the tree to display the Win7 Laptop - see screenshot click here - then double click your printer in the right pane. This should install it as a "network printer" in the XP Laptop, which will now have the printer installed twice - as a Local printer and as a Network printer.

You should then be able to print over the network provided the Win7 Laptop is running with the printer switched on.

Whether the Laptops connect to the router "wirelessly" or by ethernet cable is immaterial, they will still be networked.

  bothy 20:17 03 Nov 2010

Was doing well but somehow in error seem to have changed the domain name and am now locked out completely. Have taken off charge in hope that will help. Is there any way back?

  mgmcc 20:54 03 Nov 2010

The computers *SHOULD NOT* be in a Domain, they should both be in a Workgroup of the same name. I've never put a computer into a Domain (although I have used computers that are in a Domain), and I'm not sure how you get out of it again.

You will almost certainly need a Username & Password to boot the PC. These will probably be the same as those you used before setting up the Domain. If you didn't have a Password, try using just the Username. (If you had "Bothy's Documents in your Account, then the Username is "Bothy".)

Once in the PC, right click My Computer and select Properties. In the Computer Name section, you should (hopefully) be able to change from a Domain back to a Workgroup.

  bothy 08:57 04 Nov 2010

Just keep getting message when signing on saying " Systen could not log you on. Check user name and domain is correct then enter your password." There is nothing in the window asking for domain. Just user name and password. So I cannot get past the Windows log on window. Is there any way to recover?

  mgmcc 12:07 04 Nov 2010

See if it will let you into "Safe Mode" and then run System Restore from there. Immediately after powering on, tap the "F8" key (F5 in some PCs) until the Boot Menu is displayed and select the option to boot Safe Mode.

If that doesn't work, try entering "Workgroup" as the domain name on the basis that it was the Workgroup name prior to you setting up to join a domain. You'll still need your Username and any Password that was set up.

  bothy 17:33 04 Nov 2010

Used the F8 key to get into the boot menu and tried every option starting with Safe Mode but all results the same. The only window appearing is the one with user name and password. Nothing with the ability to enter domain name. So stuck again

  mgmcc 19:48 04 Nov 2010

If you didn't have a Password set before, does it work if you just enter your Username and leave the Password field blank?

What makes you think that you've set it up to connect to a Domain?

  Lee.C 20:39 04 Nov 2010

Think the domain name thing is a red-herring (just bad wording on the login screen) and it's still a workgroup we're looking at....
Unless something has seriously messed up it's not possible to join a domain without typing in a genuine server name (that the laptop can see) and even then you'd still have to authorise it with a server admins username/password.

Bothy - I'm not clear if it's the Windows 7 or XP laptop that you're locked out of? The solution differs for each.

  bothy 21:59 04 Nov 2010

To mgcc..I did have a user name and password set before and have now tried to enter just username without password but no luck. Only reason to focus on the domain is that the system keeps saying to check that user name and domain is correct before entering password even though there is no ability to enter a domain name in any window only space for user name and password which have never changed.

To Lee.C..it's the XP laptop which is locked.


  Lee.C 23:15 04 Nov 2010

Try the username of administrator instead of your normal login name and leave the password field blank.

If you're lucky this account won't have a password and you can log straight in with it.

If you can get in that way, at least then you can do a system restore to get things back to how they were.

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