possible causes of computer constantly shutting down?

  PC_HelpMe 14:03 28 Sep 2012

Hi everyone,

I have a computer - a few years old now - running on Windows XP Home Edition - but it keeps shutting itself down.

I know its a very vague question, but what are possible causes of this to happen. Could there be some software installed that is doing it, or is it more likely a problem within the computer's memory.

Is there anything I can do to stop it?

Thanks for reading. (if you need any more info, please ask).

  compumac 14:28 28 Sep 2012

When you say shutting down, do you mean it switches itself off to a blank black screen? How do you get it up and running again?

  PC_HelpMe 14:51 28 Sep 2012

Its like it is just "restarting" itself, as it shuts down and takes me back to the user selection screen.

  johndrew 15:04 28 Sep 2012

I think the most likely cause is overheating probably caused by fluff/dust as mentioned above by Jock1e. Have read of this and follow the instructions. You may not have or need everything mentioned and a small paintbrush and vacuum cleaner may well do the job. The one essential is to ensure the PC is disconnected from the power source.

When you have cleaned it ensure all RAM and cards are seated and all connectors are fully home.

If the problem is still present post again.

  PC_HelpMe 15:33 28 Sep 2012

Thanks for your advice. Will have a look at the link and get back in touch if it carries on.

  spuds 16:42 28 Sep 2012

If the dusting doesn't doesn't help, and the psu is not overheating, plus the hard-drive isn't making very strange noises, then perhaps look at http://www.majorgeeks.com for a free diagnostic download, and run a check with a program from that!.

  rdave13 23:58 28 Sep 2012

Jock1e suggested starting in safe mode. Try this and see if the machine stays on. It could be a bad driver or malware. If it stays on for longer then shuts down then I would agree with Jock1e that the PSU could be the culprit.

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