Possible attempt at a scam via O2

  Salut 09:36 20 Oct 2011

The following email came through yesterday:

*Dear customer,

As part of our security measures, we regularly monitor activities in the O2 Business Online Text Account and after the identification of a problem with your login information, we are forced to request a confirmation from you for the following reasons:

In accordance with o2 Online Text user agreement, When access to you account remain limited, it may result to further limitations or possible closure of your account. To verify your o2 Online Text account click here

Fill in your login details for confirmation.

Thank you for using O2 The o2 Team.*

Regrettably the genuine O2 website does not give any means by which I can verify the above. In the meantime, I am treating it as a scam.

  Woolwell 09:53 20 Oct 2011

It's a scam.

  bjh 09:56 20 Oct 2011

It's a scam, just like all the similar emails that claim to come from Paypal, your bank, etc.

Never act on an email like this. If in doubt, enter the web address into your browser yourself, and then check your account. All the email does is redirect you to a site that looks like the original (O2 in this case), and harvest your details.

  sunil1966 10:03 20 Oct 2011

Yes this is scam , because all the genuine emails will be addressed with your name not DEAR CUSTOMER

  Salut 10:28 20 Oct 2011

My suspicious mind confirmed then!

The 'properties' box showed a weird response address that did not include O2 anywhere.

Many thanks to all: hopefully this thread is of use to others who may have a similar query.

  Woolwell 10:47 20 Oct 2011

Just a word of warning about bjh's advice. Do not enter the web address in the e-mail, don't click on it either. You may get a virus, receive malware and almost certainly will be directed to a fake site.

If you want to check then enter the correct url but it is not really necessary.

  RussB78 11:27 20 Oct 2011

Delete and Forget.

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