Is this possible?

  meniscus 09:47 30 May 2006

Is there any spare room on the bios chip itself? Is it possible to write information to the bios from say a c++ program running on the OS?

  martjc 10:56 30 May 2006

...on the chip, in case it needs an upgrade. This upgrade would usually be slightly larger than the older version.
As for writing to it; well, accessing the chip itself would be quite tricky and BIOS is usually written to in pure assembly language.

Personally, I would not try it! But, you have a go - just don't come asking me how to put it right after it goes pear shaped! (}8¬(:)

  martjc 11:01 30 May 2006

Have a look at this,click here

See what I mean???

  mattyc_92 11:04 30 May 2006

Messing around with the BIOS can be very danagerous

If you make a mistake, you wont be able to boot your system.

I was reading some article the other day stating that updating the BIOS is very simple and safe to do. This is complete nonsense. One messup, and you have had it!!

Be warned

  meniscus 11:41 30 May 2006

No, im not looking to modify the bios at all. Id just like to store additional information there. Im sure its possible to write in something in such a way that the bios ignores it kinda like comments in c++ or am im wrong to assume that?

  martjc 12:00 30 May 2006

...But am intrigued. May I ask why you want to put data there?

  terryf 12:10 30 May 2006

It is possible to put an OEM boot up screen but as far as I am aware that's it, otherwise you may be looking at an expensive doorstop

  martjc 12:16 30 May 2006

...please take into account that the BIOS program will probably have a CRC check or parity check, which, if it finds the length of the program even one byte too long, would probably cause it to fail on run.

Best advice I can give: Don't do it! If you have to ask us the question then you will probably mess it up!

  Legolas 12:29 30 May 2006

I'm Intrigued. I will follow with interest

  meniscus 13:13 30 May 2006

Why! No reason really. Just wanted to know if there was a in system location besides the Hdd where information could be stored..the bios was the only place i could think of! probably just a silly thought..

Thanks anyway

  martjc 19:16 30 May 2006

...Don't think it again! Note: Earlier you said you didn't want to modify the BIOS, just store something there. I admire the intention, but we all have to be aware that the BIOS is intended to be left to the experts.
Anyway, even if there is any space on your BIOS chip, there will only be a few hundred bytes at most. And as I said before, all in assembly code! Not much you could store there, is there?

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