Is this possible?

  Hetti 13:03 23 Jan 2005

After receiving an email that contained an attachment, I enabled my email virus scanner (AVG and OE) when I tried to open the emails the attacment were gone.

Can the scanners delete the files after I have recieved them?

  Hetti 13:23 23 Jan 2005

Forgot to say I had diabled the email scanner's to recieve the attachments

  ACOLYTE 13:24 23 Jan 2005

If they were found to have a virus then its possible they were deleted to the virus vault.

  Hetti 13:32 23 Jan 2005

Thanks Acolyte

The attachments are from my own second PC so it's unlikely to have a virus right?

I had received the emails and the attatchments were there, but I did not move them to the destination, when I went back to then they had gone.

If they were in the vault could I send them back to the emails?

It is OE that removed attachments

  Hetti 13:47 23 Jan 2005

I have tried to send the files again from 2nd PC but when email arrives OE has removed them, even though I unchecked the boxes in OE options

  ACOLYTE 13:56 23 Jan 2005

Are the 2 pc's connected to each other? if they are just send the attachment via shared documents.

  Hetti 13:59 23 Jan 2005

Thanks Acolyte

I did that...........

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