??is this possible??

  end 01:55 02 Jul 2004

running win 98se, ie6, outlook express and outlook; BTbroadband;
I have a web based e mail address with Talkgas.net;
each time I have to log in to check to see if there are any new messages for me;
what would be " helpful" is some sort of programe or something that will check the adress and " advise" me if there ARE any "new" messages for me to read.
my Outlook express is already " configured" to "collect" my messages FROM that address and " leave messages " ON the host .BUT, I rarely actually USE OE .....
??is there any way I CAN get my system TO check FOR new mail and advise me oF new mail while I am " on line".
my broadband connection is not "always on", and I ahve to connect via my simple dial up box, nor do I leave my computer switched on or in standby or hibernation while away FROM it, but switch it off completely while away FROM it.

any suggestions...or do I have to just continue to check manually......just thought I would ask "the floor" and see what " comes back "....maybe nothing...but I wait and see........

AND, I do not send my e mails out FROM Outlook express , but from the talkgas site itself where the e mail base is.......( does that make sense or am I " talking rubbish " ( its too early in the morning !!!!! but thought i would post this while it is in my mind...) .....

  end 06:38 02 Jul 2004


BUT...I PRESUME THAT means I have to have OE "open" and " running in the background", or, does someone "know otherwise"????
as I do not automatically open it when on line......

AND..I do nto necessarily want the messages "transfered TO " OE , but left ON the server.....
( am I still " making sense"; its been a very " brief night" in bed and off to a long busy day at work now)...

  powerless 06:58 02 Jul 2004

Yes you have to leave outlook express running "in the backgroud" for it to check email every "xx" minutes.

To allow the message to be "kept on the server". Click Took, Accounts..., select the account, properties, advanced.

At the bottom, "Leave a copy of messages on server".

  VoG II 07:56 02 Jul 2004

If you do as above and install HideOE click here you can just have a little icon next to the clock instead of having OE "open" all the time.

  johnsims 09:38 02 Jul 2004

If you want to leave the mail on the server the best way is to use mailwasher (as suggested by crx1600) as it will allow you to look at the mail without downloading. It is also a brilliant anti spam tool in that you can delete unwanted junk direct from the server.
Download it from click here

  end 16:03 02 Jul 2004

i) at present the OE checks the server and transfers the messages to OE AND leaves a copy ON server

2) dont necessarily WANT messages AUTOMATICALLY transfered TO OE

3)want to be advised OF new messages received on server.

???can do or no can do????

  end 16:40 02 Jul 2004

have just checked the settings and they seem to be already " enabled".......so ...." whats up doc??"

  end 16:54 02 Jul 2004

I am doubting the possibility OF this...

to reach my account via outlook express, the computer has to dial up talkgas;

when I open OE I get abox saying
Logon-mail .btopenworld.com
server mail.btopenworld

have to press " cancel", then go to a
"dial-up networking connection is already established to btbroadband........"

( hang on..will recheck and continue in next bit)

  wallbash 16:56 02 Jul 2004

I use a small prog called Pop Peeper

Worth a look see!

  end 16:57 02 Jul 2004

the NEXT box I get says

" try to locate the sserver on the current location"
or option" hang up and dial "talk gas"

( nex bit to follow in next psoting)

  end 17:01 02 Jul 2004

I tHEN have to switch to " try to locate the erver on the current location" and click "OK"

at which the thing conects TO the talkgas and grabs the e mails.......

does that make sense and explain my "problem", or make thigns even more confused????

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