positive acknowledgement of a first time response.

  Brumas 23:23 23 May 2005

Call me a big girl's blouse if you like but I am so made up because I offered some advice(for the first time really)and it received a thank you from someone else who had read the initial post and found, for themself a workable solution to an old problem.

I know this really isn't a 'new subject for discussion' but I just couldn't help myself. I suppose the next time you will hear from me will be to ask for advice myself or report my 1000th log-in.

  Technotiger 23:34 23 May 2005

Hi, good for you - and welcome. Nice feeling isn't it.


  dan11 23:49 23 May 2005

yes I saw your post and your link. It was good.

Well done and keep offering help, if you can.:-))

  pj123 23:52 23 May 2005

Agree with Technotiger. It's just a shame that lots of posts are just ticked with no explanation at all. Personally I don't care whether I get a "thank you" as long as there is some feedback to what solved the problem.

  Pooke100 23:53 23 May 2005

good for you.....

can we see the help you gave? a link?

It's nice when peole show gratitude, I'd be happy for every thread just to have an ending!


  Pooke100 23:54 23 May 2005


  dan11 00:01 24 May 2005

Brumas's first post as a helper click here

  Pooke100 00:09 24 May 2005

here's your second thankyou.

I have booked marked that site to have a look at tomorrow, seems very useful. Thanks!

Cheers dan11 for pointing me to the thread.

Nite all


  kyprosman 00:20 24 May 2005

Well done mate.Andy

  DieSse 00:27 24 May 2005

Who remembers the "original" Brumas -

Go on, I dare you to show your age!!

PS - well done this Brumas - a useful link.

  Forum Editor 00:41 24 May 2005

I wish you a long and successful posting career here, in our forum.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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