position of centre speaker

  dfghjkl 19:52 23 Jan 2004

with 5.1 speakers i have seen pc adverts with the speaker on top of the monitor,i have mine in front of the monitor as i have always been lead to belive that tha magnet in the speaker can damage a tv.so is it the same for a monitor?or is it an old wives tail?it would be better for me to have it on top and out of the way,but not if it costs me a new monitor.can any one clear this up for me?thanks,peter

  [email protected]@m 19:58 23 Jan 2004

You've been lead to belive an old wives tail, peter. Stick it on top.

  Djohn 20:01 23 Jan 2004

dfghjkl, putting a speaker anywhere near a monitor can affect the monitor to some degree, it all depends on how well shielded the speakers are.

If they are specific PC speakers, then they should be OK on top of the monitor. Place one there and see. You will soon find out if it affects the display as it will start to flicker, but cause no harm, just move it away again.

If you were to point the speaker directly at and close to the screen itself, then yes you may cause the colour beams to shift. Most times a quick click on the degauss button will put things right again.

But if badly affected then you would need someone with the experience of using a Magnet or similar item to pull the colour beams back in-line again.

  Joe McG 20:04 23 Jan 2004


Most if not all 5.1 speakers are now magnetically shielded, so should not cause any problems with your monitor.

I have a friend who works with one of the more expensive audio/video retailers, and his word is, that the favoured position for a centre speaker is anywhere between chest height and, 12 inches above head height.

  Joe McG 20:07 23 Jan 2004

Got in too late.

Djohn's advice looks a more User frindly way.

  dfghjkl 20:08 23 Jan 2004

i have creative 5100,so i guess these will be alright,in the pictures that came with speakers they also had them in front,i will leave thread running for a while but i think the eyes have it,thanks,peter

  Djohn 20:41 23 Jan 2004

Not really, just that I've started to waffle on a bit since my last birthday! ;o)

  [email protected]@m 21:14 23 Jan 2004

I like the waffles in Blackpool.

  Djohn 22:23 23 Jan 2004

That's where I come from, Blackpool, not waffles! ;o)

  Stuartli 09:22 24 Jan 2004

If you are talking about a subwoofer, you can place it basically wherever it's convenient - it's mid and treble frequencies speakers that are direction dependent.

  Sir Radfordin 09:32 24 Jan 2004

Depending on the size of your monitor and the position in the room you want to get the best sound from you may find that on top of it is too high.

Having it in front of it may also be too low!

There is nothing wrong in putting it on top, mine has sat there for several years will no ill effects.

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