position of aerial

  iqs 13:43 07 Sep 2006

Hi All,I was wondering if fixxing a digital TV aerial in the attic will reduce the picture quality?.I would like to attach it to the roof,but i have a problem with heights,well falling...Cheers,IQS

  DieSse 14:02 07 Sep 2006

Yes, of course in a loft will get less signal then outside. Whether it will be enough less to give you problems depends entirely on where you are and how good an aerial you fit.

Digital transmissions do not degrade like analogue ones. They tend to keep working until the signal gets so low that either you get nothing at all, or the picture gets very "blocky" and the sound also gets "choppy"

  Diemmess 14:36 07 Sep 2006

Since the beginning ..... a rule of thumb is higher is better, and outside better than inside.

For very high frequencies slate and tiles will weaken the signal, a rain wet roof still more.

  amateurann 15:53 07 Sep 2006

We live in a poor Tv reception area and have a booster with our loft aerial happily running two digiboxes.

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