Portable Storage

  Satmansq 17:45 09 Aug 2005

A friend who plans to travel in New Zealand is looking for an MP3 player, upon which he can store digital photos and also use as an e book reader. Having read earlier threads the flashtrax products look promising. click here
Has anyone any other ideas that may be suitable?

  jack 18:14 09 Aug 2005

The worls is his oyster. an MP3 for music or voice[books] OK for listening to on the move primarily- but as downloadable stoage?
Perhaps MP3'er will know but for simply downloadable into another computer then any of a range of packaged Harddrives to Flash drives with capacites and price to suit.
Suggs0t he/she does some research into exactly what needs to be achieved.

  Satmansq 18:40 09 Aug 2005

Should also have mentioned that he is, also, looking at a PDA for SatNav whilst in NZ, which could prove useful, for some of his other needs.

  exdragon 19:01 09 Aug 2005

I'm going to NZ too and have treated myself to the Epson P-2000 click here
It's 40gb, has a huge screen, and will also take mp3 and I've put on some talking books from my CDs. Not too sure what format ebooks come in, but it's be worth checking. It takes CF cards but needs an adapter for other sorts of card.

I love it!

  Satmansq 07:39 10 Aug 2005

Have looked at the Epson P-2000 and it looks like another contender, although it would appear to be more expensive than the flashtrax solution.

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