portable hardrives

  ROBINSON CRUSO 13:46 18 Oct 2007


im looking to get a passport size or smaller external hard drive about 160gb that will run off my laptop ive been told that some will use up loads of power from your laptop, can anyone give me ideas which would be the best buy for quality


  AL47 13:48 18 Oct 2007

well i know what not to get

one of those generic ebay ones!

  DieSse 13:56 18 Oct 2007

Standard small drives run off two USB ports at once - which means they need between 500mA and 1A power (at 5V) from the USB. The drives are the same type as are in the laptop already.

Some of then have separate power inputs so you plug them into mains (via a power adapter - usually extra cost). Less power drain, and less convenience.

Have you got two free USB ports, which can each supply 500mA current?

Known branded makes will all be of sufficient quality. Put .... external 2.5 drives 160MB UK into a google search and you'll see any number of them.

  DieSse 14:07 18 Oct 2007

This LaCie one looks good - read the manual about power etc.

click here

  ROBINSON CRUSO 07:26 19 Oct 2007

i only have 2 usb ports, i dont know it they run 500ma im guessing they do but how could i find out?
also could i use a external usb hub to run the external drive (hopefully the usb hub would run at the same mA as the usb on the laptop) so i would have one free?

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