Portable hard drive issues

  Dopey74 12:40 02 Oct 2012

I have just bought a Toshiba portable hard drive (STORE ALU 2)to put my photographic programmes on but am having difficulies. Firstly I don't seem able to find any information on how to transfer programmes from my C drive to it. Secondly when I went onto the Toshiba site I got no satisfaction what so ever. What am I doing wrong or am I just stupid. HELLPPPP.

  northumbria61 12:54 02 Oct 2012

You cannot just move programs. Windows uses something called a registry, that keeps track of programs. Moving programs by simply copying and pasting the files won't work because the registry won't know you've moved them. You can uninstall your programs from the C: drive and reinstall them to another drive, but I wouldn't recommend installing programs to an external drive.

If you just want to save your files (ie. your photos/pictures etc) to your portable hard drive then that is another matter and easy to do - follow these instructions enter link description here

  woodchip 15:50 02 Oct 2012

As above you cannot move programs from one drive to another or Partition. You have to remove the Software and do a custom Install and load it to the correct drive

  Dopey74 11:23 03 Oct 2012

Thank you, northumbria61 & woodchip for you advice, I probably did not make myself quite clear as to what I was after. I want to be able to load my photo programme discs onto the portable hard drive, but I can't find out how to accomplish this.As I said earlier, the manual that comes on the hard drive does not explain how to do anything and I am at a loss as to how to procede, is there anyone out there who has this particular hard drive, if so perhaps you have had better success, and could assist.

  Woolwell 12:08 03 Oct 2012

I'm sorry but I still do not understand what you want to do. Can you explain what you mean by photo program discs please.

If you want to copy the installed programs across then that is not going to work. If you want to put your saved photos on the drive then that is fairly straightforward. If you want to copy the contents of the original program discs to the drive then that is possible but I don't know why you would want to do it.

All external hard drives work in basically the same way so someone having your drive may not be able to help any more than others on this forum.

  Diemmess 16:08 03 Oct 2012

A son bought a Toshiba 1Tb a week or so ago aluminium body and all. It has its own power supply unit and a USB connection. It also had ready loaded its operation manual and one or two other bits of software. All of which can be deleted if not wanted

As expected when plugged in and switched on it is recognised by the computer, given a disk letter (in "My Computer")automatically and like any storage device will serve as a vast library for data.

You mention Program Disks. Do you mean the original program disks like Word or Photoshop or Windows itself? These require installation and then the disks can be put away safely and forgotten.

Installation is a major process. It integrates and matches the program with your Windows system and the specific box of tricks you have as your computer.

Data produced by anything you do can be saved and recovered according to need. Fortunately a very simple process. Equally a simple task to copy data from your computers own HD to the new one. A life saver if your computer is running out of space

Using your new HD has many other tricks and things it can do, but turning your new HD into a portable system able to plug and go with any computer to which it is connected is just not on.

Am I on track with your problem?

  Dopey74 11:11 04 Oct 2012

Thank you all for your imput, it seems that I got hold of the wrong end of the stick. When talking to the salesperson I was under the impression that I could load Photoshop 10 and another programme onto the portable HD and would be able to take it to my daughters and use the programmes on her computer. It seems that I chose the right user name after all. If, as it sounds, that this is basically a storage device it will have to go back. Again thank you all for your time and effort in sorting out this old man's dilemma.

  Diemmess 17:30 04 Oct 2012

Thanks for your explanation. If you want to return it, things might be a bit difficult, so I wish you luck.

If it doesn't wreck your budget, why not keep it as a large storage space for for any data, backups and even carry interesting files to and from your daughter?

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