swanny2 10:57 02 Aug 2007

Hi there.hope some 1 can help please.
My problem is,ive got 2 usb ports on the front of my pc that dont work,also the mouse port and keyboard ports dont work. So what ive had too do is get a usb keyboard and a usb mouse,so i can use the 2 usb ports on the back of my pc.
Now everytime i need too plug my camerain i have too unplug sya my keyboard so i can use the usb port. Ive just bought a USBto PS2x2 Port adaptor,thinking i can then plug my mouse/keyboard into that thus freeing 1 of my Usb ports for my camera.
Problem now is when i plugged the adaptor in and connected the mouse/keyboard,they Dont work? Hmm.I havent installed any software for my mouse/keyboard as i can just plug anything into the usb ports and they work fine.
aNY 1 Any idea why they shouldnt work please.as i feel ive wasted my money here.
thanks for reading.
Swanny :O)

  keef66 11:51 02 Aug 2007

did the 2 usb's on the front ever work? What about the kb / mouse ps2's at the back; did they ever work?

  keef66 11:55 02 Aug 2007

What operating system do you have? How old is the pc? Are the current usb sockets USB 2.0, or the older, slower type?

I'd suggest getting a 4 or 5 port usb PCI card to give you the extra connectivity you need

  keef66 11:56 02 Aug 2007
  keef66 11:57 02 Aug 2007

does the keyboard work via the adapter if you use the usb mouse in the second usb socket?

  swanny2 12:25 02 Aug 2007

thanks for the reply.
Yes they did use too work,the o/p is windows xp. pc is about 4/5 yrs old . 512memory ,its all ok but the usb ports, its just that im wondering why this adaptor wont work in the back 2 usb ports wwhen the mouse an k/board are fine,until i connect the adaptor
swanny :O)

  keef66 12:57 02 Aug 2007

when did the front usb ports stop working?

Maybe the cable is no longer attached to the motherboard? Take the side off the pc and look for some thin wires connecting the front panel to the motherboard. There should be some going to the power and reset bottons, and to the led's for power and HDD activity. Is there one from the front usb ports dangling free?

If they are attached, it may be a software issue.

Right click My Computer / manage / device manager. Are there any yellow exclamation marks next to anything under usb controllers?

Failing that, try tapping the delete button as the pc starts, this should get you into the bios setup. You might find the usb and ps2 ports are disabled in there

  swanny2 13:47 04 Aug 2007

hi mate
theres no loose wires i looked in bios all i cud see under USB was
USBfunction for Dos Disabled
Usb Function for support Enabled

is this the problem or is that correct sorry im not sure
swanny :O)

  keef66 10:17 06 Aug 2007

no, that's OK as it is.

Simplest solution may be the pci usb card

As you're on Win XP if it's updated as far as SP2 you won't need to install any usb drivers.

  swanny2 10:45 06 Aug 2007

ok mate thanks
im a novice when it comes to the inside of the pc, what wires or if there is wires too connect where do i find the correct ones.

  DieSse 16:15 06 Aug 2007

You say your PS/2 mouse and keyboard don't work when plugged into the PS/2 sockets

You also say they don't work when plugged into the USB to PS/2 adapter.

Perhaps then, the problem is with the PS/2 keyboard and/or mouse - not with any of the sockets.

All the USB to PS/2 adapters I looked at on the web don't need any software or hardware to work.

Don't forget the PS/2 keyboard and mouse sockets are not interchangeable!

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