Port 80 (HTTP) is open, should I worry?

  expertec 22:46 01 Sep 2004

Basically the title explains it.

Just installed a router (only one PC connected to it right now) and then I did a "Shields Up" test which told me Port 80 was open.

What should I do?

(I already, and still do, have Sygate installed)

  Old Shep 22:52 01 Sep 2004

Looks like the port that connects you to the internet -www-http 80/tcp World Wide Web HTTP click here

  expertec 08:46 02 Sep 2004

I know it's that port (HTTP), but should I worry if it is left open?

  hillybilly 09:03 02 Sep 2004

Think you will find that if it was closed you would not connect to the web.

  Rigga 09:19 02 Sep 2004

You should have no ports open, even port 80.
Unless you are running your own web server from home.

If you're not running a web server close the port.

It's only an incoming port, and your internet access should not be effected.


  helmetshine 09:20 02 Sep 2004

On Shields Up my port 80 shows as stealthed...i use Zone Alarm tho so can't tell you how to do this with Sygate.

Does the router have a firewall as well...if it does check thats it's enabled.

  _plAsma 10:33 02 Sep 2004

Port 80 (as Rigga said) is used for Web Servers (eg IIS, Apache).

However, there may be other programs usin Port 80 on your computer for a web based interface. If you have any programs with a remote web based interface then you may need this port.

On your computer try going to localhost:80 in Internet Explorer. Then you can see whats actually running on this port if it is bieng used for a web interface. If there is nothing running then it is probabley open for no reason and you can close it.

On the other hand, allthough the port 80 is used for HTTP i *think* if you really wanted to, another service may be set up to use port 80 although it isnt a webserver. Perhaps a virus is using this port as most people would not think to try and block it seen as its use is for HTTP generally.

If you dont know why its open in the first place then your most likley able to close it.

Hope this helps a bit,

  SEASHANTY 14:48 02 Sep 2004

Info port 80 click here

  Stuartli 15:47 02 Sep 2004

Just about to post the same link..:-)

  expertec 16:23 02 Sep 2004

I'm not running any web server, I don't think it is because of a virus. :-(

  VCR97 19:50 02 Sep 2004

OK,so how do we close it?

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