popups and problems

  mermaid25 14:03 28 Apr 2005

Norton Internet security is enabled, I have done a virus scan, ran spybot and adaware also a friend recommended spyware blaster, so have installed that. But still the dial up window appears without clicking on anything. Its showing the correct details. also when I open outlook express I get popups, eg www. search miaracle; ads.revenue; and paypopup.com. Any ideas? alsowhen I closed the window on a website, a error message from microsoft ' microsoft has encountered a problem with the program elitehau32.exe'
novice user needs help. should I get 'Hijack this'
would it help

  happy dragon 14:24 28 Apr 2005
  mermaid25 14:54 29 Apr 2005

please tell me more, I did go on this site but when I posted my problem it would not accept it.
I'm tearing my hair out. Now when I switch on, a balloon appears saying norton security is not enabled, then a few seconds later it is and the icon appears on the task bar. Then the dialup window appears without prompting again.
Have now got norton, spybot, adaware, spyblaster and a2 installed. they all remove stuff, but when I reboot, same things that happened before happen and all the popups start appearing... help me please!!!!!!!!

  VoG II 15:01 29 Apr 2005

Have you tried turning off System Restore then scanning again? click here

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 17:10 29 Apr 2005

tyr installing pop up manager free at click here its good and it works with it no pop ups without it very many pop ups .

  mermaid25 20:37 29 Apr 2005

thanks, will try turning off system restore and then scanning... watch this space!!!!!

  mermaid25 16:13 01 May 2005

I am still having problems. Have now loaded microsoft antispyware. it has removed stuff but still the popups still come, ads.revenue, search miracle, etc. ms antispyware keeps telling me that coolwebseach is trying to launch, could that be the problem

  VoG II 17:06 01 May 2005

Try running CWShredder click here

  mermaid25 18:39 01 May 2005

thanks, tried it but it found nothing. Also I have now got hijackthis installed, but I don't know what to do with it!!!

  VoG II 18:53 01 May 2005

Make sure that you have the latest version of HJT v1.99.1 from click here (it is a self extracting zip). Extract it into its own folder - by default it will install in

C:\Program Files\HijackThis

Run it, Click Scan, then on Save Log. Post the log here - there is an 800 word limit for each post on this site. This means that you will have to post your log in 3 or 4 sections or you will get an error message.

It would help if you could double-space the log by adding a blank line every other line. This will help to make it readable.

Important: don't "fix" anything unless instructed on here. It lists "goodies" as well as "baddies".

  961 19:02 01 May 2005

Run hijack this and post results here so that better brains than mine can tell you what to do and how to do it.

click here claims to remove coolwebsearch ( and others) at a cost of $19.95

You could also try TDS3 (30 day free trial) or Trojan Hunter (also 30 day free trial)or A squared. Type the names into google to find the web sites

When running any of these removal tools you need to turn off system restore so that trojan/hijacker/whatever does not hide there to reappear later. Don't forget to turn it back on

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